Pokémon GO is one of the biggest video game hits of the year, so it's hardly surprising that more than a few people may be using the game for inspiration when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. From trainers to Pikachu, there are sure to be plenty of pocket monster themed costumes this year, especially with a new entry in the franchise right around the corner.

That being said, you'd be hard pressed to find a Pokémon themed costume as elaborate and impressive as one crafted by YouTube user mattcyborgelt. His costume is essentially a real-life version of Pokémon GO. Using toy pokeballs, a plush Pikachu, PVC pipe and cardboard, mattcyborgelt's incredible costume design is one that must be seen in action to be believed.

Players (aka random people walking down the street) can play the costume version of the "game" just like they would Niantic's app on their phone. First, one must interact with the PokeStop to get some pokeballs. Then players can use those toy pokeballs to try and catch a Pokémon, in this case an adorable plush Pikachu that is built into mattcyborgelt's costume. Hitting the plush with one of the toy balls causes the costume to transform, encapsulating Pikachu in a pokeball and wiggling around. Once the pocket monster is caught, three stars are displayed on the costume to let users know they've won.

See? It's just like the real thing! Once again, this is perhaps the most elaborate Pokémon costume ever conceived. Using various levers mattcyborgelt controls the whole thing, from dispensing the pokeballs to acting out the capture of Pikachu. Check it out in action for yourself below.

Speaking of Halloween, October 31 is the final day for Pokémon GO's Halloween event, an event that has created a resurgence in the game's popularity thanks to increased candy rewards and to the game making the appearance of spooky Pokémon more common. You can read more about the update here.

Meanwhile, the next main entry in Nintendo's popular franchise will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS November 18 in the form of Pokémon Sun & Moon. Nintendo also recently unveiled the final forms of Pokémon Sun & Moon's starter monsters, much to the happiness of fans. 

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