New maps, operators and a host of improvements have kept players invested in Rainbow Six Siege for almost a year now, and it looks like Ubisoft is almost ready to reveal the game's final piece of DLC, titled Operation Red Crow.

As has long been known, Rainbow Six Siege's fourth DLC pack will add a new, Japanese-set level as well as two new Japanese operators for players to play as. Ubisoft posted a teaser image for the DLC on Twitter over the weekend to get fans excited, one with a Japanese message. The message in the tweet translates to "the time has come," and now fans know exactly when to expect more answers.

Previous DLC reveals have been tied to competitive Rainbow Six Siege esport events, and Ubisoft is keeping with tradition by promising that a full reveal and live demo will happen alongside the Rainbow Six Siege season three finals on November 12 and 13. Fans are hungry to learn more, but unfortunately for Ubisoft it appears footage of the game's new map has already leaked online. Last week a Twitter user by the name of JonKay20 posted a nearly two minute long video tour of the Japanese themed map. However, concrete details about the game's new offensive and defensive operators are still a mystery. What are their abilities? What weapons will they be able to use? The answers to those questions are still a mystery at this point.

Also a mystery is whether or not the Japan DLC will truly be Rainbow Six Siege's last piece of new content. After a rough start in December of 2015, Ubisoft has steadily improved Rainbow Six Siege to the point that they recently reported more players are playing now than at the game's launch. It's possible then that Ubisoft could continue to support the title with additional content beyond what they've announced thus far, but that's purely speculation at this point.

Rainbow Six Siege's last DLC pack, Operation Skull Rain, released in August. Those who own the Rainbow Six Siege season pass get access to the game's new operators as soon as they are released. Non season pass holders must wait a week to be able to purchase the new operators either with in-game currency or with real money. New multiplayer maps are added for free for all users.

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