Apple's next-generation iPhone 8 may finally rock a long-awaited, long overdue feature: wireless charging, which Foxconn is reportedly testing already.

Wireless charging has become a staple of high-end flagship smartphones and a highly appreciated feature among users, but Apple has yet to include the technology in its handsets. That could all change come next year, as the iPhone 8 may be the one to boast wireless charging at last.

The iPhone 8 set to launch in 2017 is expected to be a truly special iteration, as it will mark the iPhone's 10th anniversary since the first model hit the market back in 2007. While the iPhone 7 was more of a refresh than an innovator, its successor should notably up the ante with a number of substantial upgrades.

The latest report of a serious iPhone 8 overhaul now comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which says that Apple plans to include wireless charging technology if it manages to get everything working in due time. Citing an anonymous source, Nikkei reports that Foxconn is already testing wireless charging modules set to grace at least some variants of the iPhone 8.

That's no guarantee that the iPhone 8 will indeed launch with wireless charging, as it will largely depend on how the testing works out and whether Foxconn can produce enough wireless charging models at a satisfactory yield rate. Nevertheless, it's good to know that Apple is at least working on the option.

Aside from wireless charging, the iPhone 8 is also expected to boast other significant changes, including a curved OLED display made in the United States. If this turns out to be accurate, it would mark a huge step for Apple moving from LCD to OLED, U.S.-made no less.

Some other recent rumors, however, seem contradictory. After one report hinted at three iPhone 8 models with display sizes of 4.7, 5 and 5.5 inches, and all models sporting glass backs, a subsequent report refuted such claims and said Apple will stick to the tried and true 4.7- and 5.5-inch sizes, launching only two iPhone 8 models.

An all-glass construction, OLED display and wireless charging could make for a standout iPhone 8, but it remains to be seen what will materialize. We're still a good while away from the smartphone's launch, as the iPhone 8 is not expected until the fall of 2017. A lot can change until then, so take all leaks and reports with a grain of salt. As always, we'll let you know as soon as more details hit the scene.

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