November 7 (also known as N7 Day) is almost here, and that means major Mass Effect: Andromeda news is a certainty. Though it's still unclear what new details about the next game in Bioware's beloved sci-fi franchise will be revealed, the developer is now encouraging fans to sign up for The Andromeda Initiative ahead of the date with a new trailer.

The trailer calls for the best and brightest humanity has to offer to sign up for the Andromeda Initiative, as the human race begins to look outside of the Milky Way galaxy for a home. The video tells humanity's trailblazers to sign up now, as "orientation" for the Andromeda Initiative begins on November 7. The trailer shows off new N7 space suits as well as the massive new interstellar vessel players will be using to travel to a whole new galaxy.

"Registered recruits will be among the first contacted to receive critical mission information, special training opportunities, and will also be eligible for reward upon program completion," reads the Andromeda Initiative's official sign-up page.

So what "critical mission information" could be on the way? An official release date seems the most obvious answer. We know the game is releasing in March for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but no specific date has been given. A listing for a Mass Effect: Andromeda art book may have revealed the game's launch to be that of March 21, but thus far Bioware and EA have yet to comment on the matter.

It also seems safe to assume that fans can expect a new gameplay trailer. Despite supposedly being on track for release early next year, little has been shown of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Teasers for the game, and a brief look at some exploration gameplay, are all that have been shown. Major elements such as combat, vehicles, customization and more are still shrouded in mystery, so N7 Day seems like the perfect time to blow the lid off everything that Mass Effect: Andromeda will offer.

As for the reward the Andromeda Initiative promises recruits that complete the program, it could be anything from extra in-game content to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the game was made. At the very least, fans won't have to wait for long to find out. N7 Day is right around the corner, and Mass Effect fans around the world can't wait.

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