There are still plenty of major titles that will be released before the year's end; however, it looks like one of the biggest things gamers can look forward to is an announcement about Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game is slated for an early 2017 release, but BioWare and Electronic Arts confirmed that fans won't have to wait that long to see the next glimpse of the game.

On the official Mass Effect Twitter page, the two announced that the next details about the game will be coming on N7 Day — Nov. 7 — saying, "The journey to Andromeda begins ..." with an accompanying picture that mentions the date in question.

The tweet:

For what it's worth, this isn't the first time the Mass Effect Twitter page has mentioned the coming of new Andromeda information on Nov. 7. Shortly after the PlayStation Meeting event last week, where some gameplay of Andromeda was revealed, one Twitter user surmised that future info about the game would be coming on N7 Day, and then asked the Mass Effect Twitter if they were correct.

Those suspicions were confirmed, with BioWare and EA declaring that, not only would N7 Day herald the coming of a brand new trailer, but information about the game's customization options would be revealed on that day as well. However, the difference between the first tweet and this new one is the level of attention each has received. As of writing this, the first has garnered 311 retweets and 510 likes, as opposed to the latter's 1,694 retweets and 3,064 likes.

This financial year has been a significant one for Mass Effect: Andromeda and EA as a whole. Initially slated for a Holiday 2016 release, Andromeda was delayed until 2017 for unexplained reasons. We had known about the game's existence since 2015, but information about it had been essentially nonexistent until earlier this year. Now, we know all sorts of information about it, such as setting, a few characters and even that major decisions made in the original Mass Effect trilogy will have no bearing on players in the new game.

Similarly, EA has been in overdrive, either releasing or is poised to release several major titles this financial year. Thus far, the publisher has released titles such as Mirror's Edge Catalyst, its annual offering of sports games and Unravel. Later on, it will have Titanfall 2, Fe, Battlefield 1, and of course, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

So, mark your calendars for Nov. 7, folks, because this year's N7 Day looks to be a big one.

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