There's a whole spectrum of color-coated heroes flying around the cosmic side of the DC Comic universe. Most casual comic fans know of the Green Lanterns, but there's also the Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Orange Lanterns, with each representing a different emotion. 

So what happens when you have a ring that combines all of those powers together into one? A serious power trip, that's what.

Spoilers for Green Lanterns #10 below!

The Phantom Ring, as this all-powerful new power ring is called, is dangerous not only because it combines all the powers of the various lantern cores into one, but also because it can be wielded by anybody. Power rings usually select their candidates carefully to make sure they embody the emotion the ring represents and to make sure the recipient of the ring is up to the task. Rings, as discussed in this issue, also sport safety features that enable them to shut down should the ring-bearer become unworthy. That's not the case with the Phantom Ring. It's first come, first serve, which means if it falls into the wrong hands it could mean serious trouble.

Naturally, that's what happens. While Green Lanterns Simon Baz and and Jessica Cruz contemplate using the Phantom Rings for themselves as they save a family from a burning building, an ordinary man by the name of Frank Laminski (who started the fire as a distraction) swipes the ring from under their noses and undergoes a dramatic transformation. Laminski has always dreamed of becoming a Green Lantern ever since Hal Jordan saved his life years ago. His dream almost came true when a Green Lantern ring appeared to choose him for the job, only for Laminski to then be turned down by the ring for lacking the ability to overcome great fear. Despite the pleas of the Guardian who created the ring, Laminski takes it for himself.

The big reveal in the issue is Laminski's full transformation into the first Phantom Lantern, turning an average guy into one of the most powerful beings in the universe. It's all according to the plan of a mysterious shadow figure calling himself Volthoom, who says he was the first Lantern before being betrayed by the Guardians. Now he's out for revenge, and getting Laminski the Phantom Lantern is just the beginning. 

Laminski shifts from Green Lantern to Yellow Lantern on the fly, and wastes no time using his newfound power to terrorize the innocent. It's only after they've saved the day that Jessica and Simon realize there's a mysterious new Green Lantern flying through the sky. It's safe to say whatever Volthoom has planned isn't good, but fans will have to wait until the next issue to see what comes next.

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