Wonder Woman just might be the film to (finally!) put the DC film universe on track. The second trailer for the film released earlier this week, and it showed off some great action, humor and just enough gravitas to do Wonder Woman justice.

But for all the hype surrounding Wonder Woman, many fans still have one major question about the movie: who is the main villain? It's something that hasn't been talked about during Comic-Con panels or seen in previous trailers. It's almost mandatory for a comic book movie to have a villain, and often times a villain can make or break a film.

So who is Wonder Woman's? The latest trailer for the film looks to have finally given fans an answer.

Minor spoilers for Wonder Woman below!

The new trailer for the film clearly shows a woman either A.) wearing some kind of half-mask or B.) who has a serious disfigurement. She's seen throwing some kind of canister and just generally looks kind of evil. She's popped up briefly in previous looks at the film as well, but it was only with additional context in the new trailer that her identity looks to have been revealed. In all likelihood, the villain of Wonder Woman will be Doctor Poison.

Doctor Poison is a rather obscure character invented way back 1942, who's real identity is Princess Maru. She's a scientist working on chemical weapons for Nazis in World War II who disguises herself as a man.

Though Wonder Woman takes place in World War I and not World War II, Doctor Poison's affinity for chemical warfare makes her a perfect choice as a villain. World War I was the first war in which chemical weapons were used, so seeing Doctor Poison put her skills to use on creating some new, extra deadly chemical weapon in order to win the war makes perfect sense.

It will no doubt be up to Wonder Woman to stop her, especially considering how Wonder Woman leaves her homeland and ventures into the world of men in order to safeguard the innocent. That's the thing with chemical weapons: they doesn't discriminate and can't tell who is and who isn't a combatant. It simply kills without prejudice, something Wonder Woman would no doubt be fiercely opposed to and seek to stop.

We even see glimpses of Doctor Poison's gas in action in the trailer. Experiments with the gas weapon show that it's capable of breaking gas masks, and we also see various chemicals being manufactured.

What's still unclear is whether or not Doctor Poison is the film's main villain or simply one of them. We know a German officer played by Danny Huston has a significant role in the movie, but it remains to be seen if there is more to the man than what we've seen so far. Is he secretly some kind of comic book super villain as well? Or will he be leaving the costumed villainy up to Doctor Poison? Fans will have to wait and see.

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