Meet Charlotte, A Massive Huntsman Spider In Australia Freaking Out The Internet


Charlotte, a gigantic female spider in Australia, has taken the netizens by storm. This follows a resurgence of the Facebook post of the huge huntsman spider taken by the Australian rescue organization in Queensland's Brisbane Valley while releasing the monster spider to the farm in October.2015

The real issue is the huge size of the creepy-crawly creature that scared the online crowd. Mind that some spiders are very harmful to humans while some are not.

In the viral Facebook post, Charlotte looks unrealistically big and is seen hanging precariously from a broom.

Why The Facebook Post Went Viral?

The viral posting of the big spider happened on Thursday when 9 News Perth posted photos of Charlotte on its Facebook page. To the surprise of all, they were shared by more than 26,000 users in less than eight hours.

Barnyard Betty's sanctuary again reacted saying that "she is very real and very large and not Photoshopped."

"I'm not sure why now but she is going absolutely viral and become an internet sensation," the organization wondered.

Experts also said the unusual size was spooky given that an average huntsman spider has a body of only 0.7 inches with leg span reaching just 6 inches.

Australian Museum arachnologist Graham Milledge also said Charlotte is a bit extraordinary.

"The spider in the photo appears to be a Giant Green Huntsman Spider, Typostola barbata. This is one of the larger species of huntsman spider found in Australia, with a leg span of over 7.8 inches, and is mainly found in eastern Queensland," he added.

Typostola barbata is one of the larger species found in Australia, with a leg span more than 20 cm.

Milledge clarified that this cannot be the largest Huntsman spider, which is actually Heteropoda maxima having a leg span of 30cm and found mainly in Laos.

Mixed Online Feelings

As mentioned, the massive spider's pictures terrified internet users with many swearing that the largest Huntsman spider is here. A few praised the sanctuary for helping to remove the stigma around spiders as something repelling.

"All creatures deserve respect and kindness! So happy that Charlotte is able to live safely and peacefully at your sanctuary," wrote Facebook user Danielle Helfrick.

Many suspect that the size of the spider is a 'forced perspective' — a camera trick. One Facebook user Marissa Cutts said the size made her fearsome:

"I'm weeping this is so scary."

Though the photos were looking larger, generally the huntsman spiders with a leg span up to 12 inches are not dangerous to humans.

According to Robert Raven, Queensland Museum's principal curator, the tree, and the broom are making an unusual perspective. Raven said the spider was an adult and is unlikely to grow the leg span.

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