Turtle Rock Studios, the original developer of Left 4 Dead, has released the final unfinished campaign for the multiplayer zombie shooter that can be downloaded and installed for all gamers who have a PC copy of the title.

Named Dam It, the supposed final mission for Left 4 Dead is described by Turtle Rock's Chris Ashton as a "gray box" because of some features being incomplete. However, the campaign is completely playable, and can breathe new life into the 8-year-old game.

Unfinished Left 4 Dead Campaign Details

Dam It can be downloaded on this website, and the campaign can be added to the game by simply unzipping the file and double-clicking on it to launch the installation process. For those who would prefer to do it manually, it is also possible to unzip the file and then copy the contents to the Addons folder of the game directory.

The page also comes with a detailed map of the campaign, which has players starting at an airstrip and then making their way through an apple orchard, into a ravine, across a covered bridge, through a campground and then finally arriving at the finale, which is at a hydroelectric dam.

The finale is described to be a scenario wherein it is better for the team to split up instead of sticking together to be able to survive the zombie horde and complete the campaign.

The website where Dam It is hosted also describes the known issues for the campaign. Among the problems that players will encounter are fire, smoke and explosions not triggering panic events in the hangars; zombies not crawling all the time in the orchard area; the farm house mob of zombies not spawning in the far side of the woods; the covered bridge not collapsing on explosions and the burned forest area not having wandering fires.

Turtle Rock Studios: Left 4 Dead And Evolve

Turtle Rock started working on Left 4 Dead in 2005, with Valve acquiring the game later and then releasing Left 4 Dead 2 after a year. Turtle Rock was closed down after Left 4 Dead but was revived in 2010.

Turtle Rock then went on to develop shooter Evolve, originally for THQ but later rescued by 2K Games as THQ went to bankruptcy. Evolve, released in February 2015, relaunched as the free-to-play Evolve: Stage 2 in July, leading to a surge in new players that reached massive numbers. However, that was ultimately not enough, as 2K Games has recently decided to end support for the title.

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