Believe it or not, there are actually a number of people who have captured nearly every pocket monster currently available in Pokémon GO.

New features and improvements to the game from Niantic are nice, but more than a few players are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new Pokémon catch.

New Pocket Monsters On The Way

If a recent datamined update to the game is any indication, another hundred pocket monsters from Pokémon Gold & Silver appear to be on the way. According to Pokémon GO fansite TheSilphroad, the Android version of Pokémon GO's 0.45.0 update added references to pocket monsters numbered 152-251, numbers that correlate exactly to the Pokémon Gold & Silver pokedex.

That means new creatures like Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil and even legendaries like Lugia and Ho-Oh appear to be on the way. The only issue is that while there are now references to the next wave of creatures set to be added to the game, they are just references.

There are no in-game models or movesets for any of the Pokémon numbered 152-251, which means their arrival could still be a ways off.

Ditto Nowhere In Sight?

One still unreleased pocket monster that does appear to have a move added in the update is Ditto. The pink blob with the ability to mimic other Pokémon has been one of the game's greatest mysteries, with players desperately trying to discover the creature in-game.

Ditto is one of the six original Pokémon yet to have appeared in Niantic's game.

That, too, sounds like it will change soon. Unlike the references to Pokémon Gold & Silver's pocket monsters, it appears Ditto's signature ability Transform (and a combat animation for it) have been added to Pokémon GO.

It's still a mystery when exactly Ditto will arrive, but it seems likely to happen sooner rather than later. Other information hidden in the latest update includes code for Pokémon GO's upcoming Daily Quest feature as well.

Pokémon GO saw a significant decrease in popularity in recent months, though the game's Halloween update saw it rise to the top of the charts once again for a brief period of time. Players can likely expect more holiday themed events in the future along with the in-the-works Daily Quest feature, which is designed to encourage players to play every day.

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