Never Bury Your Deceased Loved Ones Again: Turn Them Into A Shiny Diamond


When we die, our lifeless body is buried in the ground, mummified or turned to ash. Things have been going on like this for thousands of years; however, a company known as Algordanza is bringing true innovation to what happens when we die.

The Swiss startup company aims to reinvent the wheel when it comes down to memorials. The goal here is to have the cremated remains of our loved ones transformed into diamonds. These same diamonds can be worn on the body conveniently and no one would have to know what minerals it was made from.

How Can Diamonds Be Made From Human Remains?

Diamonds are pressurized carbon atoms, and guess what? The human body is 20 percent carbon. Here's the thing, when the human body is cremated, most of that carbon goes away. Still, at the end of the cremation, up to 5 percent is left behind, and that's enough to create a small diamond.

According to Rinaldo Willy, founder of Algordanza, the process is similar to how nature does things. It's basically a synthetic diamond, but that would hardly matter as you can keep a loved one close by wearing their memorial diamond on your finger or around your neck.

"The diamond burial is not only an alternative to traditional burials, but can also be a beautiful addition. For the creation of an Algordanza memorial diamond we require only a part of the ashes, but are also able to use all cremated remains of the deceased," the company says. "Thus, we are able to fulfill different wishes. Get in touch with your partner nearby or directly with us to get your Memorial Diamond."

When it comes to creating the diamond, we understand the growth process can take weeks, according to Can You Actually. It all boils down to how large a customer wants the diamond to be. If they desire a small one, then the process is much shorter.

What About Pricing?

The cost of the service ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, so it's clear that a diamond burial not for everyone. The big question right now is whether or not this service will gain traction. We're not sure how many people will be willing to wear their deceased loved ones' memorial diamond as an accessory.

Outside of diamonds, researchers have come across remains of two Ice Age infants back in 2014. It was an incredible find that tops the location of the remains of King Philip II, Alexander The Great's father.

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