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Stephen Hawking's Family Announces Public Lottery For Westminster Abbey Service

Stephen Hawking’s family invited members of the public to a special service of thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. The ‘A Brief History of Time’ author’s ashes will be buried near the remains of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

May 9, 2018

Never Bury Your Deceased Loved Ones Again: Turn Them Into A Shiny Diamond

Algordanza is a Swiss company that specializes in turning deceased loved ones into diamonds, a service that begins at $5,000 and can go as high as $20,000. It's one of the many strange services out there, and it seems to have found its niche.

Life & Style November 14, 2016

Cannabis Plants Used As Burial Shroud In Ancient Tomb In China

Thirteen cannabis plants were discovered in a tomb in Turpan Basin in northwest China. It was the first time archaeologists found marijuana being used as a burial shroud.

Feature | Health October 7, 2016

Cosmic Blade: King Tut's Dagger Was Made From Meteorite's Iron

Nearly a century after the discovery of King Tut's tomb, scientists are still learning new things about his life and burial. New research suggests that the boy king's dagger was from 'extraterrestrial origin.'

Ancient June 2, 2016

Female WWII Pilots Can Now Be Buried At Arlington National Cemetery

President Obama has signed a law allowing female World War II pilots to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The move aims to bring back the honor due to these deserving service members.

Life & Style May 21, 2016

Neolithic Tomb In Spain Sheds Light On Ancient Burial Traditions

Neolithic humans constructed megalithic tombs as collective burial sites. Now, a new study in Spain created an extensive picture of what the Neolithic community may have been in life and in death.

Animals January 22, 2016

DNA Analysis Of Decapitated Romans Sheds Light On Ancient Gladiator Burials

Through a state-of-the-art genome analysis, archeologists in the United Kingdom unraveled the mystery behind the burial of ancient gladiators. The technology used in the study would be helpful in future investigations of the origins of skeletons, experts said.

Animals January 20, 2016

Ancient Egyptian Burial Site May Hold a Million Naturally Mummified Bodies

The Fag el-Gamous cemetery in Egypt may hold the remains of up to a million mummies. Why are they all there?

December 18, 2014

Second War of the Roses looms over Richard III remains as British court plays referee

Is the second War of the Roses already being fought in England's judicial system? And why do the remains of one man - Richard III - mean so much to the English people?

Animals March 13, 2014

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