Many AT&T BlackBerry Priv customers have been experiencing the "no service" bug for about a couple of months. Although AT&T and BlackBerry are working on a permanent fix to resolve the issue, a workaround can fix the problem.

Customer Complaints

Many customers started encountering the "no service" bug on their Priv in mid-September. Some customers complained that their BlackBerry device lost service and would not reconnect to the network.

"While on Wi-Fi I can still use internet functionality, but unable to make calls. Restarting the phone temporarily fixes the issue, but it will happen again after a while from minutes to hours. It is not a service coverage issue as my wife's LG V10 works just fine, as does my backup Samsung S5," complained a redditor.

How To Download And Install The App To Fix The 'No Service' Bug On The Priv

The BlackBerry Priv runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and many customers love their device. However, the "no service bug" has left many customers disappointed.

Now AT&T and BlackBerry have confirmed a workaround that will fix the issue.

Owners of the Priv have to install the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool on the phone first by following the steps below:

1. Customers will have to enable installation from Unknown Sources as per below:

a. Go to Settings > Security.
b. Enable Unknown Sources under Device administration.
c. Press on OK when a warning message pops up.

2. Download the app from Chrome. ​

a. In case Chrome shows "Chrome needs storage access to download files," users will have to select Update Permissions.
b. Then press on Allow.

3. A message may appear that says "This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep LteCaBugfix.apk anyway?" Users will have to press OK.

Lookout Security & Antivirus may prevent direct opening of the downloaded application.

4. Once download is complete select the LteCaBugfix.apk file from the Notification shade. Customers can also tap the Downloads icon from the App Drawer.

5. Install LteCaBugfix.apk and open it.

6. From the "No Service" Prevention Tool, select the Check Box that says "I accept BlackBerry Solution License Agreement."

7. Then tap Enable "No Service" Prevention.

8. A message saying "The tool has been enabled successfully" will be displayed and users will have to tap "Uninstall" to delete the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool as the bug would now have gotten fixed.

9. Customers can now disable installation from Unknown Sources by going to Settings > Security and locate Unknown Sources under Device administration and disable it.

Does The Workaround Fix The Bug?

Some users have taken to Reddit to confirm that the workaround actually fixes the issue.

"I was able to do it... I guess time will tell if it WORKS," says a Priv owner.

However, another Priv owner says that the fix does not work.

"Isn't working for my AT&T Priv. For some reason it isn't available for my device," complained another redditor.

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