It seems that GoPro just could not catch a break. Just 16 days after releasing the Karma drone into the market, the company has issued a recall order for it.

The struggling company needed the Karma drone and the Hero5 camera to do well this holiday season to be able to bounce back from a disastrous third quarter, which saw its revenue plunge by 40 percent to $240.6 million compared to the corresponding quarter last year.

However, with the recall order, GoPro might find it much harder to sell the Karma drone, especially with the stigma of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco still fresh in the minds of consumers.

GoPro Recalls Karma Drone

GoPro released details regarding the recall order for the Karma on its official website, where the company stated that there were a small number of cases that saw the drone lose power while in flight. There is no indication on the number of reports regarding the problem, but the recall order covers about 2,500 Karma drones sold since Oct. 23, which is all the units of the drone so far purchased.

The company said that it is currently working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration in the investigation. No injuries or property damage have been reported that are linked with the issue.

How To Return The Karma Drone

All customers who have purchased the Karma are requested to return the drone, even if there have so far been no issues with it.

Customers can contact a hotline or access online support to facilitate the return of the drone. The hotline number and online support link will vary depending on whether the Karma was purchased through GoPro's website or through Best Buy. For customers who purchased the drone from GoPro, contact 1-866-886-3001 or visit this link, and for those who bought it from Best Buy, contact 1-800-566-7498 or click here.

It should be noted that while the recall program only covers the Karma drone, customers who purchased it in a bundle with the Hero5 Black camera and the Karma Grip will also need to return them along with the drone.

Customers who participate in the program will get their money refunded.

When Will Karma Drone Shipment Resume?

"Safety is our top priority," said Nick Woodman, the CEO and founder of GoPro. The company said that it will resume shipment of the Karma after it has addressed the issue that it discovered in the drone.

GoPro's Karma drone did not blow by the competition away in comparisons with other available drones, namely the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Phantom 4. While the Karma could soon be back in the market, GoPro may find it difficult to find any momentum in its sales as concerns about the problem that caused the recall order might weigh on customers' decisions.

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