Verizon Introduces 2 New Prepaid Data Plans: 5 GB For $50 A Month, 10 GB For $70


Verizon is set to launch more prepaid offerings soon, just almost a month after it announced PopData, a new piecemeal subscription service that charges users per half an hour or a full hour of unlimited data.

Big Red is introducing two new prepaid data plans, the first of which gives you 5 GB of data for $50 a month and the second comes with 10 GB of data for $70.

Verizon's New Data Plans

The two new data plans will be available beginning Nov. 13, according to Verizon. The cheapest option, apart from offering 5 GB of data, will also come with unlimited calls and messaging in the United States. The $50 data plan also includes carryover data with on-time payment, Verizon's always-on data, mobile hotspot and international messaging to more than 200 countries.

For the more expensive $70 data plan, users will get the same features included in the lower tier plan along with unlimited calls to neighboring countries Mexico or Canada. The plan might be the more attractive end of the pair, giving double the amount of data for just $20 more than the original price.

Verizon's two new plans come as an added alternative to one of the company's existing prepaid offerings, which include 6 GB of data for $60 per month and 3 GB of data for $45 per month. Both of these plans come with AutoPay and a Wi-Fi only option for $30 per month. Each option nets a user HD quality calls, calls over Wi-Fi and more.

To go along with the new data plans, Verizon is also throwing a hefty list of smartphones users can choose from. More than two dozen models are available, including iOS and Android devices such as the iPhone SE, Pixel and Pixel XL.

When Will A True Unlimited Data Plan Come?

Despite expanding its prepaid lineup, the unwillingness of Verizon and other rival networks to offer a simple monthly unlimited plan still leaves many people scratching their heads. In fact, Big Red isn't too keen on the idea, even going so far as to push out previous users pulling more than 100 GB of data off Verizon's previous unlimited subscriptions, threatening to make them pay $450 if users continue the habit.

Plans like PopData and these two new offerings aren't exactly what users need, given that 5 GB or even 10 GB is starkly insufficient in today's internet-enabled culture. But both, along with the company's other data plans, offer a passable middle ground as we wait for an honest-to-goodness monthly unlimited plan that doesn't break the bank.

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