The powerful new PlayStation 4 Pro is ready to go on sale on Nov. 10 and if you're planning to pick one up, you have some setting up to do.

Luckily, you can easily transfer all of your games, settings and data to the new PS4 Pro without much hassle.

How To Transfer Data From PS4 To PS4 Pro

Transferring necessary data to your new PlayStation console takes just a few simple steps and prerequisites. First, you need a LAN cable (not included with the PS4 Pro), broadband network access, and both consoles switched on.

Make sure that both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro are running system software version 4.0 or higher. If not, update them first. If you're not sure which software version is in use, head over to Settings > System Software Update.

Sign In To PSN

Once you're sure you're running the latest system software version, switch both consoles on and connect them to your broadband network either with LAN cables or via Wi-Fi and sign in to PlayStation Network (PSN).

To perform the data transfer, you only need to connect the new PS4 Pro to the TV. Just use your PSN ID and password to sign in to the new console and you're good to go.

Once you sign in, your PS4 Pro will detect that you're using a new console with your existing PSN credentials and will prompt a screen to ask whether you want to start transferring data from your old console. Confirm that you want to transfer your data, then press and hold the Power button on the old PS4 until you hear a beep. At this point, the console is preparing your data so you can port it over to the new console.

Next up, connect both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro with a LAN cable plugged into the back of the consoles, into their respective LAN ports. If you prefer, you can also use two LAN cables to connect each console to your router. Either way, the transfer process remains the same.

Next up, you'll be able to select just which data you want to transfer over to the new console. You can either move games and apps altogether, or just copy them. You can also transfer all of your game save data, videos, screenshots, settings and themes.

Once you've selected what data to transfer, you'll see just how much free space you'll have left on the PS4 Pro once the transfer is complete, as well as how long the transfer should take.

Lastly, you will be prompted to select which console is your primary one. Setting the PS4 Pro as your primary console will allow you to automatically download updates, share content with other users and upload your save game data to your PlayStation Plus cloud storage.

What You Can Transfer

You can easily port over all game data, complete with downloaded games, saved game data and data installed from disc games. You can also transfer all of your folders, screenshots, videos, messages exchanged with PSN friends, synced trophy data and profile data for any user accounts used to sign in to your PS4 with a PSN ID.

What You Can't Transfer

You will not be able to transfer any passwords, nor trophy data that wasn't synced or profile data for user accounts that never signed in with a PSN ID to your PS4.

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