Does everybody remember Deckard Cain? The elderly man is a part of the Diablo franchise, helping players along with their quests to fight evil and known for the classic line, "Stay awhile and listen."

Cain is apparently one of the most requested characters for Blizzard to bring to Heroes of the Storm, a multiplayer game known for bringing together heroes and villains from across the company's several franchises.

However, as a character who spends most of his screen time in the Diablo universe talking, it might be difficult to bring Cain to Heroes of the Storm, especially to two other characters who are highly requested to be added to the game, namely Kel'Thuzad from Warcraft and Arcturus Mengsk from StarCraft.

Heroes Of The Storm Developer On Deckard Cain

In an interview with Polygon, Heroes of the Storm character designer Nathan LaMusga said that while Blizzard might eventually bring Cain to the game, he first wants to know how players would like to see Cain designed.

"I love reading hero pitches on our main Heroes of the Storm forums and on Reddit," LaMusga said, adding that community members should send in their best pitches for a Deckard Cain character.

According to LaMusga, Blizzard has been talking about adding Cain to Heroes of the Storm for a while now, but the development team has struggled in coming up with a design for the elderly man that will fit his character but will also be fun to play.

LaMusga believes that Cain is one of the hardest characters to design as a hero in Heroes of the Storm, and he might be right. What kind of skills can you give an elderly man who loves to read books and hand out quests?

Redditors Design Deckard Cain

Over at the Heroes of the Storm subreddit, players are already starting to come up with some cool ideas for Cain.

Redditor XrayEJ had the idea of giving Cain a skill that activates a scroll of town portal, and making him a non-engaging hero similar to what Blizzard did for StarCraft's Abathur. He also suggested that perhaps Cain can send allies on certain quests that will grant buffs upon completing them.

Redditor WhatD0thLife suggested that Cain should have a skill for his popular "Stay awhile and listen" line, perhaps as an ultimate skill or trait that roots and silences opponents.

Other Redditors such as Ralathar44, 1mesklinite and Obrien even came up with full designs for Cain, all of which could give LaMusga and the Heroes of the Storm development team some inspiration.

Clamor For Non-Warcraft Characters

There is no guarantee that Deckard Cain would indeed be added to Heroes of the Storm. However, the clamor for a Diablo character is real, as Heroes of the Storm has been predominantly inspired by Warcraft.

Heroes of the Storm currently features 13 Diablo characters, 13 StarCraft characters, a pair of Overwatch characters, the vikings from The Lost Vikings and 29 Warcraft characters.

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