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Deckard Cain From 'Diablo' Will Soon Put Opponents To Sleep In 'Heroes Of The Storm'

It may be hard to imagine Deckard Cain of 'Diablo' in 'Heroes of the Storm,' but that is exactly what will happen soon. The old man will offer support skills, including one that will put enemies to sleep.

Video Games April 6, 2018

'StarCraft' Turns 20 Years Old: Blizzard Will Celebrate By Giving Away Crossover Gifts

Blizzard will celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'StarCraft' by giving away in-game items. Crossover gifts include a 'Diablo III' pet that looks like a Terran Battlecruiser and a skin for Widowmaker of 'Overwatch' fashioned after Sarah Kerrigan.

Video Games March 4, 2018

BlizzCon 2017 Roundup: Here Are The Biggest Announcements For Hearthstone, HOTS, Overwatch, StarCraft II, And WoW

BlizzCon 2017 was a huge success, and Blizzard announced a lot of big updates for its games, from 'Hearthstone' and 'Heroes of the Storm' to 'Overwatch,' 'StarCraft II,' and 'World of Warcraft.'

Video Games November 6, 2017

Ana, Junkrat, And The Volskaya Map From 'Overwatch' Will Soon Join 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Healing sniper Ana and explosives maniac Junkrat from 'Overwatch' will join 'Heroes of the Storm' in an upcoming update. The Volskaya map from the multiplayer shooter will also soon arrive to Blizzard's MOBA.

Video Games September 15, 2017

Twitch Really Wants You To Watch 'Overwatch,' 'Hearthstone,' And 'Heroes Of The Storm' Tournament Streams On It

Twitch has officially struck a deal with Blizzard that’ll grant it exclusive broadcast rights to 'Overwatch,' 'Heroes of the Storm,' and 'Hearthstone' tournaments. Lasting through 2018, the deal also brings free loot boxes for Twitch Prime subscribers.

Video Games June 20, 2017

Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 Update: D.Va Crossing Over To The Nexus, Getting Unlockable 'Overwatch' Officer Skin

Blizzard has launched the 'Heroes of the Storm' 2.0 update and revealed that D.Va is the next 'Overwatch' hero joining the MOBA roster. It also unveiled the Officer D.Va Skin that can be unlocked via the Nexus Challenge 2.0.

Video Games April 25, 2017

Heroes Of The Storm To Get Genji Of 'Overwatch' - And The Hanamura Map Too

'Heroes of the Storm' is getting another 'Overwatch' character, and this time around, it's Genji. This makes the cybernetic ninja the fourth to join the roster after Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio.

Video Games April 17, 2017

Blizzard Announces Massive Changes To ‘Heroes Of The Storm': Overhauled Progression System, New Hero

Blizzard is overhauling its popular MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm.’ It has announced major changes coming to the game, including Loot Chests popularized by ‘Overwatch’ and a revamped leveling system.

Video Games March 30, 2017

Small But Deadly: Meet Probius, ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Latest Hero

Blizzard has rolled out its latest updates for its online MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm’ this week. The biggest update is the addition of the new Specialist hero, Probius.

Video Games March 8, 2017

Blizzard Ends Windows Vista, XP Support: ‘Hearthstone,’ ‘World Of Warcraft,’ ‘Starcraft II,” And More Soon Unplayable

Blizzard has officially announced plans to end support for many of its games on Windows XP and Vista. Beginning later this year, Vista and XP holdouts must update to a newer OS to play Blizzard’s games.

Video Games February 22, 2017

Use 'World Of Warcraft' Gold To Buy 'Overwatch' Loot Boxes, 'Hearthstone' Card Packs, And More: Here's How

Blizzard has announced that 'World of Warcraft' players can now exchange their gold to claim Tokens for credits and use them to buy 'Overwatch' loot boxes, 'Hearthstone' card packs, and 'Heroes of the Storm' content.

Video Games February 6, 2017

Overwatch Character Lucio Also Heading To 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Lucio, a popular healer at 'Overwatch,' is coming to the 'Heroes of the Storm' MOBA. He will join two other 'Overwatch' heroes who are already slugging it out with other Blizzard characters.

Video Games February 5, 2017

Blizzard To Celebrate 20 Years Of 'Diablo' Through Events On 'World Of Warcraft,' 'Hearthstone,' 'Overwatch,' 'StarCraft II,' And 'Heroes Of The Storm'

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Diablo,' Blizzard will launch special in-game events and items in its other titles. This will be in addition to The Darkening of Tristram, which will be coming to 'Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' players.

Video Games December 28, 2016

Would You Like To See Deckard Cain From 'Diablo' In 'Heroes Of The Storm'? Developer Wants Players To Send In Their Ideas

Blizzard has been trying to design Deckard Cain from 'Diablo' to add him to 'Heroes of the Storm.' If you have any ideas on how to make the elderly man a playable character in the game, send them in.

Video Games November 10, 2016

'Diablo III' Update: Necromancer Making A Return, Original 'Diablo' Being Recreated

Blizzard Entertainment is set to release two upcoming updates for 'Diablo III,' including a new pack called 'Rise of the Necromancer,' for its 20th anniversary. The original 'Diablo,' in its full pixelated glory, will also be recreated for 'Diablo III.'

Video Games November 4, 2016

New 'Heroes Of The Storm' Game Mode Sounds Absolutely Crazy (In A Good Way)

Blizzard is looking to breathe new life into its free-to-play MOBA with the addition of Heroes Brawl.

Video Games October 4, 2016

It Is Now Easy To Stream Blizzard Games Such As 'Overwatch' And 'Hearthstone' On Facebook: Your Move, Twitch

Blizzard Streaming, first announced a couple of months ago, has now been launched. The feature makes it easier for gamers to live stream the Blizzard titles they play on the PC through their Facebook accounts.

Video Games August 27, 2016

'Heroes Of The Storm' Is About To Feel Much Slower

Blizzard is making a major change to its free-to-play MOBA.

Video Games August 25, 2016

Zarya From 'Overwatch' Is Coming To 'Heroes Of The Storm' Alongside New 'Starcraft'-Themed Maps And Skins

Another 'Overwatch' character is joining the roster of Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA.

Video Games August 16, 2016

'Heroes Of The Storm' To Add Auriel From 'Diablo III' By Aug. 8

Archangel Auriel from 'Diablo III' is the latest of Blizzard Entertainment's characters to join 'Heroes of the Storm.' As a Support character, she will be doling out both damage and healing.

Video Games July 30, 2016

'Heroes Of The Storm' Player Arrested, Faces 5 Years In Prison After Threatening Blizzard Entertainment

Stephen Cebula, a 28-year-old 'Heroes of the Storm' player, now faces five years of jail time and a hefty fine of $250,000 after threatening to injure Blizzard employees. Blizzard has been paying more attention to racist and harassing statements from gamers.

Video Games July 23, 2016

Think You Can Trick Blizzard's Customer Support Team? Think Again

Blizzard has just proven the efficiency of its customer service representatives. One toxic player of the company's 'Heroes of the Storm' thought he could pull a fast one on the customer support team and got publicly shamed for it.

Video Games June 23, 2016

Medivh And Chromie Of 'Warcraft' Are Joining 'Heroes Of The Storm'

The 'Warcraft' characters will be coming in the next two months, alongside new skins and mounts.

Video Games May 6, 2016

Blizzard Brings Tracer Of 'Overwatch' To 'Heroes Of The Storm'

A new hero will be added to the 'Heroes Of The Storm' lineup this coming April 19. Tracer, the dual-wielding pistol shooter from 'Overwatch,' joins the game with her own unique set of abilities and gameplay.

Video Games April 5, 2016

'Heroes Of The Storm' Lunar New Year Event Adds New Hero, Skins And Ways To Earn Gold

The latest event, and latest hero, have arrived in Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA 'Heroes of the Storm.'

Geek February 2, 2016

'Diablo's' Necromancer And Wizard Are Coming To 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Two iconic 'Diablo' character's are joining Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA.

Geek January 21, 2016

Blizzard Is Giving Away $4 Million In Prizes In ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ 2016 Spring Global Championship

Blizzard has detailed the schedule for its Spring Season of tournaments for 'Heroes of the Storm.' $4 million in rewards will be given away.

Video Games January 20, 2016

Blizzard In Legal Row With Cheating Software Maker Bossland, Accused Of IP Infringement

Blizzard Entertainment has been caught in a legal fight with cheating bot maker Bossland. The automatization software company is convinced that the game developer infringed on its copyright.

Legal November 28, 2015

New ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Map Towers Of Doom Is The Craziest Battleground We’ve Seen To Date

Blizzard has added one of the most extraordinary maps to date on 'Heroes of the Storm' called Towers of Doom. Players will definitely get a kick out of this new map, featuring the Headless Horseman from 'World of Warcraft.'

Video Games November 26, 2015

Deal Alert: Everything Is 50 Percent Off In 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Blizzard's Black Friday sale for the 'Heroes of The Storm' title will start on Nov. 24 and continue till Dec. 8. During this period, the game's shop will be offering a 50 percent discount on mounts, skins and heroes.

Video Games November 26, 2015

New 'Heroes Of The Storm' Character Controlled By Two Players At The Same Time

Blizzard unveiled Cho'gall as a new character for the MOBA Heroes of the Storm. The two-headed orc warrior requires two players to control one head each, with Cho and Gall each having their own set of abilities.

Video Games November 8, 2015

'Heroes Of The Storm' Celebrates Halloween With 'Hallow's End' Event

New skins, mounts, portraits and an XP boost are coming as part of 'Heroes of the Storm's' Halloween celebrations.

Geek October 22, 2015

A Second, 'Diablo' Themed Map Joins 'Heroes Of The Storm' Today

Players can now battle it out on the Infernal Shrines map in Blizzard's MOBA 'Heroes of the Storm.'

Geek August 26, 2015

Heroes Of The Storm' Receives A New Patch, Puts Kharazim Into The Fight

Kharazim is a monk who will be joining the action in 'Heroes of the Storm' in the newest game patch from Blizzard Entertainment.

Video Games August 19, 2015

Blizzard Is Open To The Idea Of A New 'Warcraft' RTS

Blizzard says a new RTS adventure set in the 'Warcraft' universe is a possibility.

Geek August 12, 2015

'Heroes Of The Storm' Set To Receive New 'Diablo III' Content

Blizzard's 'Heroes of the Storm' MOBA is off to a strong start, and the developer wants to keep that momentum going - and they're hoping that a ton of new 'Diablo III' content will do just that.

Geek June 8, 2015

DC MOBA 'Infinite Crisis' Is Getting Shut Down

The free-to-play MOBA featuring iconic heroes and villains from across the DC multiverse will close its doors in August.

Geek June 2, 2015

Blizzard Removes Cigar Of 'Heroes Of The Storm's' Tychus Findlay: Here's Why

Blizzard fans are up in arms over the game publisher’s decision to make Tychus Findlay quit his iconic smoking.

Video Games May 25, 2015

'Heroes Of The Storm': A Beginner's Guide To Blizzard's Free-To-Play MOBA

Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA has arrived. Looking to dive in? Our guide is here to help get you started.

Geek May 23, 2015

Blizzard Stirs Up A Storm With A New Character And Map For 'Heroes Of The Storm' [Video]

The game developer announces a specialist hero who can deal massive damage while exhibiting a terrifying set of traits.

Video Games March 7, 2015

Free-to-play games continue to dominate the MMO game marketplace

Games like 'League of Legends' and other free-to-play titles continue to own more and more of the MMO market, according to the latest data.

Geek October 24, 2014

Blizzard cancels project 'Titan' after seven years of development

After seven years of development, Blizzard's MMO successor to 'World of Warcraft' has been canceled. This could be a big blow to fans of the company.

Geek September 23, 2014

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