With retailers like Best Buy and GameStop not offering preorders for Nintendo's NES Classic console, the battle to find one on its Nov. 11 launch day has become all the more competitive. Many gamers are looking to Amazon for a chance to snag one of the retro consoles, and now we have more details on exactly when the machines will go on sale.

Go ahead and set your alarm: the NES Classic will go on sale on Amazon starting at 2 p.m Pacific Time on Nov. 11. You'll probably want to have your mouse hovering over the buy button a few minutes early, however, as Amazon expects demand to be high and says they have limited quantities.

"Demand is expected to be very high, and there's no guarantee that it will remain in stock for long," an email from Amazon about the product reads. "We will make similar announcements when additional inventory becomes available."

Amazon will be disabling one-click purchases and encourages those interested in trying to snag a NES Classic to make sure the credit card information on their Amazon account is up to date. Because of high demand, there will be a one NES Classic per customer limit. Amazon did not offer specifics on when it expected to receive more of the retro consoles.

Nintendo's $59.99 NES Classic looks to be one of the hot items this holiday season. The miniature NES console comes preloaded with 30 classic NES games ranging from Super Mario Bros. to Legend of Zelda, Mega Man to Castlevania and many, many more. The machine comes with one controller, with customers able to purchase a second controller for $9.99.

As stated above, Best Buy and GameStop didn't offer preorders for the machine as the retailers do for most other products, for reasons that aren't entirely known. Target briefly offered preorders for the NES Classic in August before stopping. According to IGN, GameStops could be receiving up to 12 NES Classics per store, and those will likely go fast.

Meanwhile, those looking for Nintendo's next generation console will have to wait a little longer. The recently revealed Nintendo Switch will go on sale sometime in March. Nintendo has yet to discuss its new machine in detail, with its game lineup, price and specific release date still a mystery. Nintendo plans to reveal more details about the Switch in January.

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