'Watch Dogs 2' Easter Egg May Have Revealed Ubisoft's Upcoming Space-Themed Game [Video]


A new video has surfaced showing what appears to be an upcoming space-themed game by Ubisoft.

The snippet was lifted by NeoGAF user FlammableAce, obtaining it after breaking into Ubisoft's recreated headquarters inside Watch Dogs 2. The game itself isn't slated for release until Nov. 15, but like everything nowadays, gameplay footage has already popped up early.

Is Ubisoft Working On A Space-Themed Game?

Probably, or probably not. It's hard to tell what the game trailer alludes to, though interestingly, the trailer is watermarked with "Ubisoft Confidential" and a cautionary "Do Not Distribute" warning immediately underneath. The link to the trailer was first posted on NeoGAF.

The trailer also appears set to be unveiled officially during next year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, according to another detail watermarked onto the video. The trailer shows vibrant and outre satellites orbiting an unknown planet in outer space.

Some frames portray a character in a spacesuit slowly losing control of a space vehicle. The trailer ends in a black screen showing a "Connection lost" system dialog, with "Stream interrupted" underneath.

The most interesting aspect of this trailer is not within its visuals, but in its music. A lot of people have already mentioned its Cowboy-esque music, with flecks of Cowboy Bebop soldered throughout, very reminiscent of the Japanese animated series.

Could this be the markings of an upcoming game or just purely an easter egg? But how does it jive with Watch Dogs 2, if it's indeed the latter? No one can say for sure. Kotaku has reached out to Ubisoft, but the studio hasn't issued a comment yet.

Though we can't confirm what this game exactly is, it's certainly in Ubisoft's nature to pepper a game with a number of easter eggs, which Watch Dogs has been confirmed by Ubisoft itself to contain numerous of.

When Will Watch Dogs 2 Come Out?

Watch Dogs 2 comes out Tuesday, Nov. 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those who are planning to get the game for PC will get it later on Nov. 29, a delay resulting from extra polish and touch-ups made by Ubisoft, to ensure that the game will be in great working condition across platforms once it releases.

If you're lucky, you can probably try to break into Ubisoft's HQ inside the game once it comes out and watch the easter egg trailer for yourself.

Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the original Watch Dog, released back in 2014. Along with a number of features and a new setting based in Chicago, the sequel features a better open world system which doesn't force players to unlock the map piece by piece. You may also get the $40 season pass which unlocks new missions and expanded customization, among other things.

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