Now that Samsung's most recent smartwatch is closing in on its official release, the company has already uploaded an official teardown that pared down the Samsung Gear S3 into its individual parts, boasting the technology that powers the device under the hood.

We usually wait for longtime consummate teardown professionals over at iFixit for rigorously taking apart devices down to the last screw. They'd likely upload their own shortly, but now that an official one's available, let's see what's inside the Samsung Gear S3.


The Gear S3 retains Samsung's unique circular navigation interface from Gear S2. You rotate a circular bezel around the watchface to get around the user interface. The teardown reveals a component with a bezel guide slid in between the bezel and the front case, with ceramic balls and springs interspersed throughout that makes the bezel interface possible.


The Gear S3 is Samsung's first smartwatch iteration to come with a Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ display, designed specifically for wearable devices. It adds an extra layer of protection to withstand strenuous usage.

The Samsung Gear S3 has a 3-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360. It has 16 million colors and a full color Always On Watch feature that shows the time even when in idle, without resorting to a completely blank screen.

An ambient sensor is also present to adjust accordingly to different lighting conditions, so when users aren't looking on the screen, the Always On Watch feature can take the backseat to save battery.

Also embedded in the Gear S3 is Magnetic Secure Transmission technology which allows owners to make payments via Samsung Pay by connecting the smartwatch to a compatible payment terminal.


In the Gear S3's mainboard is a number of sensors that pave the way for the device's fitness-focused features such as tracking runs, measuring your heartbeat and much more. Like other smartwatches centered on fitness activities, there's a built-in GPS inside the Gear S3 to monitor and geotag fitness activities.

Also inside is a barometer that can measure altitude and atmospheric pressure while also being able to detect changes in the weather. Of course, a smartwatch wouldn't be a smartwatch without a heart rate monitor, and Samsung didn't forget to outfit the Gear S3 with one.

These are just some of the parts detailed in the teardown, with further examination of the Gear S3's rear casing and bands decked out extensively in Samsung's official teardown article.

The Gear S3 is Samsung's upcoming smartwatch, sporting a larger battery, a built-in GPS and an optional cellular connectivity for some models. Like its predecessor, the Gear S3 will feature Samsung's Tizen-based OS and apps, but Android phones may still be paired with it.

Additionally, The Gear S3 will have two extra variants, the classic and frontier editions, but the price points of these are still undetermined. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth model will cost $349.

The Samsung Gear S3 hits U.S. shelves beginning Nov. 18, according to CNET. The smartwatch will be available for purchase at Amazon, Best Buy, Macy's, Samsung's own online store and participating wireless providers.

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