You Can Try These Harry Potter Spells On Amazon (Yes, Even If You're A Muggle)


Halloween may have ended, but you can still don the wizard or witch's hat, pull out your imaginary Elder Wand, and drift into a world that is laced with wonder and enchantment.

Or you can simply try some sleight of hand with the new Harry Potter spells that are courtesy of Amazon. Yes, even if you're a Muggle.

Thanks to a few basic search bar hacks, the Hermione or Harry in you can simply wave about their imaginary wand and type the spell/enchanted words to experience a slice of Harry Potter magic.

Basically, the online retailer is promoting the new movie from the Potter Universe dubbed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The film hits U.S. theaters on Nov. 18.

How To Cast A Spell

It's as easy as typing the word in the search box on Amazon's website. You can type the words in lower case or capitals.



Type Aguamenti into the search box to conjure a flood of water. This will wave over gently on the search results of Harry Potter paraphernalia on the Amazon page. You will then get diverted to a movie promo. Here, you can purchase tickets for the movie.

This spell was used by Harry in the series to make water. Hence, the blue wave streaming over the page.


Typing this spell will make your screen burst into loads of colorful flowers. This spell was used by Hermione in the series to give Harry flowers that he could put on his parents' grave.


Input this word into the search box, and your screen will suddenly turn dark before beginning to brighten up slowly with a white light.


Using "reducto!" will make your computer screen seem cracked for a few seconds. No surprise there since, in the books, it was used to blast stuff into itty bitty pieces.


When you type this Harry Potter spell, you will see your screen light up with bright flames that spread over the display and search page, and engulf them.

If you've been wondering what the darker spells such as the Crucio (torture spell) or the Avada Kedavra, which Lord Voldemort used on Harry's parents, would do, Amazon read your mind. Type these in the search box on Amazon, and you will get a link to the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them info. Disappointed that it does not do anything to the screen? So are we!

Which spells would you have picked for Amazon to include? Try out the spells on Amazon and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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