Chrysler Chrysler now holds the distinction of having introduced the world's first plug-in hybrid minivan. This came after the company launched the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, which starts at $41,995.

Pacifica Pricing

The pricing is one of the most compelling factors in the Pacifica Hybrid. If you factor in the $7,500 federal tax credit, the price for the Premium base model will be whittled down to $34,495. This figure still does not include other local and state incentives, which should further slash the price down. The Platinum model, which features a number of upgrades, retails for $44,995.

The Chrysler Credentials

The Pacifica Hybrid benefits from the same aesthetics and specifications that earned the Chrysler Pacifica, the minivan's mainstream version. The consensus is that it ticks all the boxes required by consumers in the market for this type of vehicle.

The range has been completely redesigned and Chrysler touts that there was a focus on how the vehicle looks from the outside. Essentially, it projects a slightly sportier vibe and this could probably be attributed to the construction of the Chrysler face of the front side. It echoes the design philosophy seen in the Chrysler 200 sedan. This and the minivan body have been seamlessly integrated to achieve a surprisingly well-put-together vehicle.

It is also very roomy, satisfying the more practical crowd. The space is complemented by leather appointments and high-tech gadgetry. Aside from the bells and whistles in the dashboard, there are two 10-inch Uconnect Theater rear seat entertainment systems. These features have prompted some reviewers to liken the Pacifica to a comfortable apartment.

Chrysler's Take On The Hybrid Concept

Now, with the Pacifica Hybrid, Chrysler seems to be gunning for a formula minivan that will propel the range to an even bigger share of the market. The company wants to do this by tapping on a growing interest on green technology. At the same time, it wants to offer stability in real-world use.

The technology under the hood will allow the Pacifica hybrid to cover 30 miles on electric power. When the juice runs out, the vehicle can then switch to gas for an additional 500-mile range. This is made possible by the 3.6-liter Pentastar engine that has been engineered to be able to use the internal combustion technology called Atkinson cycle. To say that the vehicle is taking off range anxiety when it comes to electric vehicles will be a gross understatement.

Overall, the Pacifica Hybrid should be enough for the ordinary commuters who travel an average of less than 30 miles per day. It will also satisfy the requirements of families who would like to go on a long trip. Taking all these into consideration, it appears that the Pacifica is the perfect solution for a wide swath of demographics.

The vehicles will hit showrooms in the United States in the early part of 2017.

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