It's been a long time coming and it's finally happening: Google has started adding 4K video content to its Google Play Movies.

Google launched its 4K-touting Chromecast Ultra last month, but had no 4K video content in the Play Store. Nevertheless, the Chromecast Ultra signaled that it was only a matter of time before Google Play dabbled in 4K movies and, sure enough, the company is now refreshing its collection.

Google Play Movies In 4K Not Official Yet

According to a number of user reports on Reddit, the first Google Play Movies in 4K video quality are starting to pop up, albeit the selection is not very generous just yet. Google is likely planning an official rollout sometime soon, when it should add more 4K titles to its trove. At the same time, it seems that for now you can only opt for 4K if you don't already have the movie in your library.

"I noticed that a 4K icon is starting to appear on some movies in the Google Play app; however, if you own the movie already, you can't upgrade or purchase the 4K version," one Reddit user points out. "To see it, you have to go to your library and click a movie (or click through related movies), and it shows up on the bottom."

The Redditor contacted Google Play support to ask for further details and learned that Google has not yet rolled out 4K movies officially. For now, some movies allow users to purchase the 4K version, while others just show the icon without the option to actually buy the UHD variant.

Google Play 4K Movie Price

While the higher video quality is exciting, the price might put off some prospective customers. Some titles such as The Fifth Element, for instance, cost nearly double in 4K UHD ($24.99) compared to their HD versions ($12.99). That's no small difference in price, but ultra-high definition comes at a cost.

The price of 4K video content will most likely drop once 4K TV units become the norm, replacing older FHD or HD sets. For now, although 4K TVs have become significantly cheaper than when they first hit the market, they still require quite a hefty investment. At the same time, 4K content is still not that easy to come by, which further contributes to the significantly higher price compared to HD video qualities.

Getting 4K movies on Google Play is still exciting news and, in time, they will become more accessible. Until they do, we wonder: would you pay twice as much for a movie to get it in 4K resolution? Let us know in the comments section below.

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