PS4 Pro Owners Are Getting $10 In PSN Credits Out Of Nowhere: Did You Get Yours?


Sony's recently launched PlayStation 4 Pro promises to bring 4K gaming to more players, as the updated video game console expands the capabilities of the original version. It seems that the technology is not the only thing being offered to PlayStation 4 Pro owners, as those who purchased the console are said to be receiving credits for the PlayStation Network worth $10 out of nowhere.

This is not the first time that Sony has given away $10 of credit to the PlayStation Store. However, it took a while for gamers to realize that the promotion is related to the purchase of a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Free $10 In PSN Credits

In the PlayStation 4 subreddit, Redditor yinzr9 uploaded an image of a seemingly random $10 worth of credit for the PlayStation Store appearing in his notifications tab.

"Here's $10 to spend on your next purchase at PlayStation Store!" the notification said. The voucher code is said to expire by Nov. 30, but gamers will likely not lose the free credit to expiration as redemption of the voucher will only need a single press of a button.

Redditors eventually figured out that the free PlayStation Store credit was being given to the PlayStation Network users who have purchased a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Another thread in the same subreddit was eventually created to serve as a public service announcement regarding the $10 free credit being given to gamers who buy the PlayStation 4 Pro.

It seems that the promotion is only good for customers located in the United States though, as gamers who purchased the PlayStation 4 Pro in other countries are saying that they have not received such a voucher.

The opening post of the second thread adds the suggestions for gamers who receive the $10 credit to not spend it right away, and instead wait for the Black Friday 2016 sale that the PlayStation Store is expected to reveal soon.

Purchasing The PlayStation 4 Pro

Upon purchasing the PlayStation 4 Pro, players who also own a PlayStation 4 can transfer data from the original version of the console to the updated one. Game data, including downloaded games and game saves, along with almost all other content, can be transferred to the PlayStation 4 Pro. The data that could not be transferred, meanwhile, include passwords and un-synced trophy data.

To be able to enjoy the best gaming experience that the PlayStation 4 Pro can offer, there are certain tips and tricks that players can take advantage of, including settings that need to be adjusted on the video game console.

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