The flagship Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones from Google are creating quite a stir - their lens flare issue and LTE connectivity problem notwithstanding - and have consumers hankering for the Android Nougat-powered phablets.

We check out some of the best available deals for the Google Pixel XL and Pixel, as well as some expected Black Friday 2016 specials.

Verizon Wireless

Currently, Verizon has an exciting BOGO at 50 percent off offer for those eyeing more than one Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. The network operator will give a 50 percent discount on the price of the second handset. So basically, when you buy one Google Pixel XL, you get the second one at half the price.

"New device payment purchase required per phone. 50 percent instant discount on full retail price of 2nd device of equal or lesser value. Limited time offer," notes the carrier.

At launch, the U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless was also offering the latest Google flagships at a discount of 20 percent, which was quite a savings on the expensive phone.

The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL were up for grabs from the carrier for another offer and if you applied the code "SAVE20" at checkout on Verizon's online store, you got to avail the discount.

Thanks to this offer, the 32 GB Google Pixel's price dropped to as little as $519.99, which is a savings of $130. The price of the 32 GB and 128 GB variants of the Pixel XL dropped to $615.99 ($154 savings) and $696 (savings of $173), respectively. Whether the code still works needs to be checked as the offer may have expired.

A leaked ad from the carrier suggests that Verizon intends to offer a discount of up to $400 on the Pixel XL and Pixel smartphones for its Black Friday 2016 celebrations when one trades in an old handset.


T-Mobile has an offer for the Google Pixel or Pixel XL as well where you can bring in the smartphone to the carrier and it will give you half the phone's cost price - $325 to exact.

This $325 will be returned to the customer via monthly bill credits in 2 years. You also need to join the carrier's One unlimited plan.

Remember that if you bring the 32 GB Pixel XL, which retails for $769, you only get $325 in return, which is a little less than 50 percent.

Best Buy

Best Buy's preview ad for Black Friday reveals that come Nov. 24, it would be offering a slew of specials. Reports hint that it will likely offer a discount of $100 on the Pixel XL and Pixel smartphones as part of its celebrations.

The retailer is also expected to offer buyers a Google Chromecast worth $35 free with the purchase of either smartphone. Upon the handset's launch, the retailer offered a $100 gift card and a free Chromecast for those who activated the device on Verizon and could bring back the offer.

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