iPhone 7 Accessory Oaxis InkCase i7 Adds A Secondary E-Ink Display To Your Phone


iPhone cases are increasingly becoming sophisticated tech gadgets on their own. The most recent of these include the Oaxis InkCase i7, which can add a second display to the iPhone 7.

Secondary Always-On Screen

The screen taps the e-ink technology used in some Kindle e-book readers and the one integrated as a native secondary display for the Russian-made YotaPhone. The low power requirements of this display technology allows the screen to stay on for long period of time without any significant battery degradation.

The InkCase i7 is not exactly Oaxis first rodeo in the e-ink technology as it was already introduced in the InkCase i6. The technology for both i7 and i6 is similar, only that the latter caters to the iPhone 6 and 6S.

E-Ink Display Technology Details

The InkCase i7 has a 4.3-inch screen that can display e-books as well as notification contents such as messages, emails and calendar events. This feature takes some workload off the main iPhone 7 screen, leading to increase battery life.

The case itself is a bit on the heavy side but it has no capability to charge the iPhone 7. The battery module is charged through a magnetic charger.

There is no port or module that directly connects the case to the iPhone 7 itself. The e-ink display is built to work with the iPhone 7's Bluetooth function. It also has anti-glare features, which Oaxis said makes for better readability when in use under direct sunlight.

The company also cited other functions that can surprisingly complement the iPhone 7's features.

"Relive your best memories with the Customizable Photo Wallpaper," Oaxis stated in its website. "Live Information Center keeps you updated through the day."

Drop Protection For iPhone

Now, its nifty e-ink display function should not eclipse the fact that, above all, the case is still a protective gear for a precious cargo. Oaxis recognizes it and that is why the company is touting the military standard drop protection technology it has built into the case.

"Using the latest BubblePro Technology, millions of Micro Weave locks together to reinforce the case rigidity," Oaxis said. "Energy from an impact is absorbed by the Micro Weaves and spread across the entire outer case."

Pricing And Availability

The InkCase i7 is now available but only for preorders. It will retail for $130 but early birds could snag it for a promotional price of $100. No case has been announced yet for the iPhone 7 Plus. Those who will purchase the case at this time can expect to have it by December.

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