Oh no. Here we go again.

It almost seemed like we had a good run going of not hearing about any problems with Apple's new iPhone 6 smartphone. However, that lucky streak may have been broken with the latest issue some iPhone 6 users have reported: Dyegate.

BGR spoke with several iPhone 6 owners over a period of a few weeks, and they told the website that after repeatedly putting their iPhones in their jeans pocket and taking it out again, as any normal human being with a mobile phone does, the dye from the denim turned the white strips on the gold model of the iPhone 6 blue. All of the versions of the iPhone 6 include these plastic strips outlining the top and bottom of the back side of the phone, but it appears that only the gold model includes strips light enough for a blue dye to rub off on them. Now doesn't that make you feel blue?

"The result is an unsightly discoloration that makes the iPhone look dirty and old," according to BGR. "Conventional soaps and other cleaning products one might use in an effort to remove the darkening on the plastic strips apparently have not worked."

Following in the tradition of previous reports of issues with the iPhone 6, Bendgate and Hairgate, this new incident of course had to take the name of "Dyegate." It would just feel wrong if it didn't.

When the iPhone 6 owners reached out to Apple for help with this issue, they said to "carefully scrub their iPhones with various common cleaning products," BGR reported. However, that apparently didn't work, and there was no further solution provided by Apple support staff.

Apple hasn't responded to these claims yet, but as BGR points out, this isn't the first time denim has dyed a smartphone. There were also reports last year that jeans were turning the HTC One blue, too.

But really, we should just be thankful that the iPhone 6 can fit in our pockets at all. When the larger "phablet" size of the iPhone 6 was first announced, many were worried that they would have trouble fitting it in their pockets in the first place. Some well-known jeans brands actually considered changing the size of their pants pockets to fit the iPhone 6 and other "phablet"-sized devices. One Chinese phone store even offered to tailor customers' pants to make the new smartphone fit more comfortably.

Can't technology and fashion just get along?

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