Facebook is bringing Instant Games to your News Feed and Messenger, with 17 titles such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders and more already up for a spin.

The new initiative aims to allow Facebook users to play games on the spot, without having to download or install anything. The new Facebook Instant Games are also cross-platform compatible, working on both mobile and the web.

Closed Beta

The HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience is launching as a closed beta for now, offering 17 games at launch. Available titles include Words With Friends, Galaga, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Zookeper, Arkanoid, Puzzle Bobble and more.

"There are 17 Instant Games now available to play, with many more to come, across both Messenger and News Feed in the latest version of the apps, including popular titles from arcade classics to action to other modern favorites," says Facebook.

The new gaming experience has started rolling out in 30 countries at first, available on the latest Android and iOS versions.

Instant Games On Facebook Messenger

Users can access the Instant Games on Facebook Messenger through the new game controller icon located in a message thread, next to the icons for stickers and photos. The new feature aims to offer an engaging and social gaming experience with leaderboards, score-based games and group thread conversations where users can challenge and compete against other Messenger users. When you finish a round, other users who are part of the conversation will be able to see your score and challenge you back.

"Messenger just got way more fun — or competitive — depending on how you look at it," touts the company.

"We think this is just the beginning for games on Messenger — look for new titles to be added, and for new ways to play. Game on!"

Facebook Instant Games On News Feed

Users can also play Instant Games on their Facebook News Feed, enjoying a seamless cross-platform gaming experience where they can discover new games through posts, recommendations, challenges or the dedicated Facebook Pages of various individual games.

Facebook has also added a dedicated Instant Games bookmark where users can find and instantly replay the games they played across Facebook and Messenger.

This is not the first time that Facebook is toying with games in messenger. The social network previously launched a Facebook Messenger basketball game back in March, as well as a secret soccer game back in June. Instant Games, however, marks a more focused effort to make gaming a bigger part of its platform.

Having Instant Games available at your fingertips on Facebook and Facebook Messenger adds extra convenience, and it's free compared to physical bar-top arcade machines that cost a pretty penny.

Are you excited to try out the new Facebook Instant Games? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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