Apple's iOS 10.1.1 is ravaging iPhone's battery life, as a nasty 30 percent battery bug drains the smartphones all of a sudden.

The company rolled out iOS. 10.1.1 to fix a major Apple Health issue that deleted users' data, and was successful in solving that problem. However, it ignored another issue that users have been facing since iOS 10.1.

iOS 10.1 Battery Bug Persists In iOS 10.1.1, iOS 10.2 Beta

In a lengthy thread over at Apple's Support Communities forum, users have been complaining about a 30 percent battery bug for more than a month now. The issue first surfaced on iOS 10.1 and the subsequent iOS 10.1.1 update did absolutely nothing to address it.

Even with a more than sufficiently full battery, iPhones running iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.1.1 are suddenly dropping around the 30 percent mark. One user says that the iPhone zaps from 30 percent to 1 percent in seconds, then shuts down. Even if they power off the smartphone at night with a solid 80 percent battery life, in the morning the device would not turn on because it has no battery, the user adds. Oddly enough, plugging it in would instantly show a 30 percent battery in seconds, just like that.

Several other users report experiencing the same battery drain and the problem seems to persist across iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1 and even the iOS 10.2 beta. This suggests that Apple is either not aware of the iOS 10.1 battery bug, or it has yet to come up with a solution to fix the problem.

"I had tried downgrading to 10.1, then retried 10.1.1 then installed the Dec beta 10.2 ver3. And all of these firmwares had the issue," writes another iPhone user. "The best was 10.2 beta for reduced battery drain but it still shut off randomly."

The issue affects even the latest iPhone 7, which marred the experience for new owners.

iOS 10.1.1 Audio Issues: EarPods, Ear Speaker Mute

If the battery drain wasn't frustrating enough, iPhone users are also reporting that iOS 10.1.1 messes with the audio, with or without the EarPods. The thread is called "iOS 10 no sound from ear speakers or Earpods" and it started all the way back in September, to no avail. The issue has persisted and continues to wreak havoc during phone calls.

Users report that they often have no audio during phone calls and the other person can only hear them if they press the speaker button. In some cases, even the speakerphone is mute. The iPhone reportedly remains mute until a restart, but even restarting it would solve the issue only briefly. One user says they even erased their device completely, but that didn't help.

One of our readers says that the audio is often completely mute upon answering a call and he can occasionally unlock the audio after repeatedly tapping the speaker button several times. In some cases, however, tapping the speaker button would cause the smartphone to freeze altogether.

He further points out that Siri is also useless once the audio issue occurs, and audio is mute for podcasts and music as well, not just phone calls.

"The iPhone works bad, downgrade to 9 is not possible (I've tried without success), phone cannot be sold, Apple is doing nothing. It's a nightmare," he adds.

Apple, Your Move

Considering that the audio issue has been persisting since September, it's mind-numbing that iPhone users still don't have a fix. Many are already planning to sell their devices and switch to a non-iOS smartphone once Apple finally issues an update to fix this issue.

Apple, meanwhile, has yet to make a statement in this regard or release a patch to address the audio issue affecting devices running any and all versions of iOS 10.

Have you been facing battery drain or audio issues as well? If so, share your experience in the comment section below.

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