Google Pixel owners have been reporting that some camera issues are marring the experience, but Google is reportedly working on a fix.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL have stirred a great deal of interest since their debut and are considered among the hottest smartphones of 2016, rocking powerful specs and neat features all around.

As with most devices, however, the Google Pixels are not without flaw and some camera issues apparently keep causing headaches. Not too long after Google already fixed the lens flare and halo camera issues with a software update, a new issue has surfaced and it's more serious.

Google Pixel Camera Issues

The new Google Pixel camera issue is more problematic than the lens flare one, as this time it causes the smartphone's camera app to freeze altogether, leaving users with no option but to force close the app.

Frustrated Pixel owners took to Google's product forums to complain about the problem and the community tried to come up with solutions, but to no avail. Google stayed quiet so far and didn't interfere in the forum discussions, but a new report now reveals that the company has acknowledged the issue.

Pixel Camera Freezing: Fix En Route

"The Pixel team is aware of the reports and actively working on a solution to the issue. We'll update you as soon as we have more information," Google reportedly told MobileSyrup.

On the bright side, it seems that the camera issue is not hardware-related as it was speculated on the forum, which means that a quick software update should resolve the problem.

Until the update rolls out, users could avoid the freezing camera issues by using a different camera app.

Google Pixel Purple Lines

Aside from the freezing camera, Google Pixel owners have also complained about weird images with purple and pink lines on the screen. Google is reportedly aware of this problem as well and it's taking it into account for its next update.

Google has yet to provide an official statement on the matter or announce when it plans to release the update, so it remains to be seen whether it will take a few days or a few weeks. However, the company is usually quite prompt when it comes to resolving issues so a fix should become available sooner rather than later.

As always, we'll keep you up to date as soon as more details come to light. In the meantime, if you've faced such issues with the Google Pixel or Pixel XL camera, drop by our comment section below and tell us about your experience. Did you find any temporary solution until the official fix rolls out?

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