While demand is undoubtedly high for the Google Pixel XL, it seems that Google's distribution system is aggravating things further. The offshoot is that the shipment of the device being offered at Verizon has now been thoroughly delayed, with the carrier pushing the schedule as far as 2017.

A History Of Pixel XL Shipping Delay

Consumers who want to purchase the Pixel XL today can head to Verizon and they will be greeted with a Jan. 11, 2017 shipping date. To top it all off, that window is only for the handset's 32 GB variant. If you purchase the 128 GB model, your device will get a Jan. 13 delivery date.

The January shipment might even get pushed back if the history of the Google Pixel XL's shipment schedules is any indication.

There are those who preordered the 128 GB variant immediately after the Pixels' launch and initially got a Nov. 11 shipping date. That schedule was delayed for two weeks. Recent reports indicate that these shipments were again pushed back and some consumers are complaining that Verizon has now asked them to wait another month, which means they could possibly receive the Pixel XL by Dec. 26.

Better Pixel Handset?

It seems that the delay affects the Google Pixel XL, particularly the 128 GB version. The smaller Pixel handsets are not experiencing the problem. This could lead one to assume that it is the most popular and possibly the best in the range.

The high demand, however, can primarily be attributed to the screen size and the storage capability. The Pixel XL has a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a display resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It is, therefore, perfect for media content consumption.

Now, the Pixel smartphones are not offering expandable storage. While Google is throwing in an unlimited storage space for photos and video at its cloud platform, the 32 GB version will still constrain the users' ability to download apps and other files not supported in the infinite backup feature.

Availability And Alternative Android Handsets

Users who are still bent on purchasing the Pixel XL — delay and all — will be able to snag one at Verizon or at the Google Store. The popular 128 GB variant has an eye-watering $870 price tag. Pixel XL accessories now also abound at Amazon.

For those considering an alternative, look no further and consider the smaller Pixel. You will only be trading a smaller screen real estate since it roughly has the same internals. If a big screen is really a must, then the Galaxy S7 edge will be an excellent option. There is also the pricey LG V20 and the recently released OnePlus 3T, which also sports the Snapdragon 821 chipset at almost half the price.

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