Akuma Heading To 'Street Fighter V': Gameplay Trailer, Skills And More Revealed [Video]


One of the key takeaways in the recently concluded PlayStation Experience 2016 was Street Fighter V's Akuma big reveal. The character was introduced as one of the new characters hitting the title as extra downloadable content for its second season.

Akuma's Big Reveal

For fans, Akuma's inclusion is no longer a surprise. The demon god already had a soft launch via a trailer shown during the Capcom Pro Tour North American Finals, but that was merely a teaser, as it only showed his silhouette, a brief glimpse of one of his skills and his training ground.

The official reveal entailed the release of a more detailed video showing him slugging it out with Ryu in an epic showdown.

Cosmetic Makeover

Before diving into Akuma's moves and gameplay, one would immediately notice that he underwent some cosmetic makeover. In Street Fighter IV, he had a shorter hair, but now, he is sporting longer locks.

His bearing also had a more menacing quality to it as opposed to his previous iteration, which seemed to be more consumed with rage. One can even say that, at this point, he is reconciled with his identity and power and is, therefore, more comfortable and ready to unleash them as he head to the arena.

Demon God Skills

In the trailer, Akuma's skills were in full display as he briefly battled Ryu. The gameplay showed why Capcom is calling him the Master of the Fist. Despite his bigger bulk, he is surprisingly agile, capable of quick footwork and devastating skill combos.

Observe how he executes his V-Skill: Rakan. It is primarily a defensive stance that can parry attacks, but it also includes a follow-up, which could be an upward kick or a long-reaching palm strike.

In V-Trigger, Akuma powers up in order to transform into the Dohatsu Shoten mode. This state enables the fighter's Gohadokens to be more devastating. His Goshoryuken attack also includes a violent follow-up that could leave an opponent senseless on the ground.

Critical Art, Akuma's ultimate skill, comes in two forms. The first involves Sekia Koretsuha, where he channels an insane amount of ki. He slams this to the ground, striking the enemy with an exploding pillar of fierce energy. Finally, there is Shun Goku Satsu, his most powerful attack. He simply glides to the opponent and deal incredible damage in a series of attacks happening in a blink of an eye.

Some say that Akuma is meaner version of Ryu, as their skill set and style are roughly similar. Rakan, for example, resembles Ryu's Mind's Eye. The main difference is that the demon is angrier and less inhibited.

You will be able to snag Akuma through the Street Fighter V 2017 Character Pass available on Dec. 20. It is worth $29.99, and for that amount, you will also get five other characters, which includes B-Boy Ryu and B-Girl Chun-Li. The bundle will also come with Premium Battle and Nostalgia costumes as well as Akuma's Story.

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