iPhone 6 Battery Problem: Chinese Consumer Group Reports iPhone 6 Fires


A Shanghai-based consumer group has complained that eight iPhone 6 smartphones spontaneously combusted because of faulty batteries.

Entering the Chinese smartphone market was not very easy for Apple and now the company is surrounded with several complaints regarding its iPhones.

Shanghai Consumer Council Complains Against iPhone 6

The Shanghai Consumer Council has released a report that details fires caused by batteries of the iPhone 6. The report also noted that iPhone 6 mobile phones power down even before batteries are depleted.

However, Apple says that fire cases pertaining to the iPhone 6 handsets that it has investigated are due to external damage and not because of the phone's battery.

"The units we've analyzed so far have clearly shown that external physical damage happened to them which led to the thermal event," said an Apple spokeswoman.

Apple's Struggling Sales In China

The latest report from the Chinese consumer group comes at a time when Apple is struggling with its sales in the country. Apple is facing stiff competition from Chinese smartphone makers that offer mobile phones with top-end specs at pocket-friendly prices. However, Apple believes that its sales will improve in the next quarter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Global Recall

Samsung had to announce a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 when even the replacement units of the phablet were found to be potentially hazardous. Market observers suggest that prior to the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Chinese mobile phone users believed that devices from well-known international brands would assure the safety of customers.

However, following the global recall of Galaxy Note 7 and incidents with iPhones, many Chinese customers now think that international brand names do not necessarily mean the safest products.

Previous Cases Of iPhones Catching Fire

Even though the Chinese consumer group has complained of iPhone 6 devices catching fire, several cases of the latest iPhone 7 catching fire or exploding have been reported.

A previous Tech Times report highlighted that a pregnant woman in Australia suffered from third-degree burns after she accidentally slept on her iPhone 7 that had been charging. 

In a separate case, an Australian surfer claimed that his new iPhone 7 was the cause of a fire that erupted in his car.

According to another Tech Times report, an iPhone 7 Plus in China exploded after it accidentally hit the ground. The impact is believed to have made the battery catch fire and explode.

It remains to be seen if Apple is able to convince Chinese consumer groups that the eight fire cases reported with the iPhone 6 were due to external damage to the phones and not faulty batteries.

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