Twelve Naperville North High School students experienced unpleasant symptoms after eating gummy bears brought to school by a fellow student, who was later on questioned by the police.

It is believed that the candy was laced with marijuana oil, but the final answer will be provided by lab testing. So far, no one has been charged of committing any crime.

Gummy Bears Laced With Marijuana Oil 

Twelve students at a suburban Chicago high school reported feeling sick on Tuesday, Dec. 6, and received medical attention. The teenagers experienced symptoms such as dizziness, increased heart rates and dry mouths. After being treated, the students were released without experiencing further complications.

The Naperville police started to investigate the situation immediately and sent out the gummy bears to be analyzed. Several students claimed to the investigators that the gummy bears had been laced with marijuana oil, but so far there is no definitive answer on the cause of the symptoms experienced by the students. The 17-year-old student who brought the gummy bears to school was questioned by the police, but no one has been charged so far. Also, the police are interested to know whether the students who consumed the candy were aware of the fact that they had been laced.

Nevertheless, it is not entirely clear whether marijuana was the cause of the incident. The gummy bears will be tested for any substance that may have affected the students' well-being. Another hypothesis is that the gummy bears were not tainted in any way. Although there are several reports of people feeling sick after having eaten sugar-free gummy bears, it is not known whether the candy that affected the students was sugar-free or not. The police have discounted this hypothesis.

Drug Use And Healthy Choices

Authorities believe this incident is a good opportunity for parents to talk to their children about the dangers of illegal substances.

"This really is about our community coming together, asking questions, informing and educating our kids that they're making healthy choices", said Naperville District 203 Superintendent Dan Bridges. The event may actually prove to be a meaningful lesson for the teenagers in the area, whether someone is found guilty of the incident or not.

Such discussions would be part of an existing trend in Naperville. Just a month before, former NBA star and current motivational speaker Chris Herren visited the area and talked about how he managed to overcome addiction and find a meaningful and sober life.

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