Rockstar's 'Bully' Open World Game Hits Mobile: 'Bully: Anniversary Edition' Now On Android And iOS


Bully, a Rockstar classic from the PlayStation 2 era, is now out on Android and iOS to mark its 10th year on the market with the mobile Bully: Anniversary Edition.

Rockstar Games launched Bully 10 years ago on the old PlayStation 2 console, offering an action-adventure open-world game with a misunderstood kid named Bully as the protagonist.

The game proved to be a hit and Rockstar brought it to the PC, Wii and Xbox 360 in 2008 with Bully: Scholarship Edition, giving in to popular demand. A decade after the game's original release, Rockstar is finally bringing it to the mobile era with Bully: Anniversary Edition for Android and iOS.

The new Bully: Anniversary Edition comes with all of the content from the Scholarship Edition, but Rockstar Games also added some new updates to improve the experience on mobile.

The Bully mobile game now rocks support for high-resolution displays and enhanced graphics and offers better textures and lighting, as well as redesigned controls for touch gameplay.

Bully Multiplayer: Friend Challenges

Rockstar has also included a new multiplayer mode called "Friend Challenges" in the Bully: Anniversary Edition, allowing players to take turns to compete in mini-games such as who can solve word problems and who's the first to dissect a frog, among others.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Features

The mobile game features the complete Bully story with characters, missions, mini-games and unlockable items from the Scholarship Edition, delivers quality graphics, natively supports high-resolution mobile displays, offers contextual buttons for the touch controls, and allows players to seamlessly play across devices by saving the game in the cloud via the Rockstar Games Social Hub.

Bully: Anniversary Edition also comes with physical controller support, as well as Taptic Engine Feedback for all buttons so that iPhone users can enjoy an optimized game experience. At the same time, iOS users playing on an iPhone 6s or newer can capture their gameplay thanks to Replay Kit support.

Supported Devices And Required Storage

Bully: Anniversary Edition needs 2.4 GB of storage space and works on iPhone 5 and above, sixth-generation iPod Touch, fourth-generation iPad and above, iPad Mini 2 and newer, and the iPad Pro. On Android, the game works on devices running Android 4.0 and above.

With no Bully 2 sequel on the horizon anytime soon, the Bully: Anniversary Edition will have to do for now. It may be 10 years old, but the critically acclaimed game gets new life on mobile. If you've already tried it out, tell us what you think of it in the comments section below.

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