After LG and Sony, it seems that ZTE is bent on becoming the next OEM to roll out its own version of Android 7.0 Nougat.The company has just announced that a preview Nougat update is about to get unleashed for Axon 7 users living in the United States and a preview program is now live for interested participants.

The program only covers devices that have a model number of A2017U.

ZTE Android Nougat Preview Program

Axon 7 users will not be getting the update automatically. If you want to install the firmware, you will need to enrol in the preview program. A ZTE USA account is required, so this should be the first in your list if you would like to apply.

Now, the enrolment process is a bit roundabout. This is because you will have to accomplish a number of paperwork, which includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement and some surveys. They all follow a logical procedure, so just fill out all the forms.

You are also obliged to submit reports on bugs and other issues.

If you are not yet overwhelmed by the sheer number of preliminary tasks that need to be completed, well, that should be good news because your patience is still required.

You will have to wait for ZTE's evaluation and, once selected, you will still need to wait a bit more.

As of this writing, ZTE has not confirmed the exact release date of the Nougat preview. To be fair, that announcement should be coming in a few days or so since the stable Nougat is expected to launch in January 2017. One should note that this delivery window falls within the planned Nougat release schedule of other OEMs such as Huawei.

Axon 7 Update Reminders

Should the Axon 7 Nougat Preview got released sooner than expected, be sure to backup your files because there is a sizable chance that they will get obliterated in the update process. ZTE also reminds interested parties that once the Axon 7 got the Nougat firmware, it is no longer possible to downgrade the system back to Android Marshmallow.

Android 7.0 Nougat Features

ZTE's Android Nougat preview should sport the same new features introduced in the stock Android 7.0 update. Some of the most important changes include multi-window capability, new notification interface, quick reply option and key system updates that are designed to improve overall stability and performance.

There are those who remark that Axon 7's hardware is quite outstanding but the device itself has been undermined by the quality of its software. These are expecting that the lack in UI and native application refinements will be addressed both by the preview and the stable Nougat updates.

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