Facebook Brings Ghosts Of The Past: Old Photos Come Back To Life With Latest Glitch


Facebook is at it again, this time bringing back old photos and posting them as if they were just uploaded.

Some users have started to see old photos magically appear on their Facebook timeline and News Feed, thanks to what seems to be the latest Facebook glitch.

This comes less than a month since Facebook thought everyone was dead and started memorializing users. Touching, yet utterly creepy since it was not true. Facebook fixed that issue and brought everyone back to life, even those who were really dead, and later fixed it again to make things as they should be.

A few weeks later, Facebook is again bringing back ghosts from the past, resurfacing photos that are months old and making it seem as if they were new.

Facebook is apparently aware of this glitch and is looking into the matter, PCMag learned from a Facebook spokesperson.

What's Old Is New Again

Facebook users started getting notifications that others liked or commented on images that were months old. The first thought is obviously to assume that someone went deeper into your photos and started checking out old posts, but a further inspection reveals that those old photos actually appear as if they were just posted on Facebook.

With the old Facebook photos appearing as brand new, the original likes, comments or reactions are gone. All photo details, however, are in place.

"This morning at 6, four photos which I'd posted to my timeline back in September reappeared fresh on my timeline, complete with location and friend tags," wrote one Facebook user in a Facebook Help Community post.

Understandably, the user was baffled by this occurrence, wondering how this could've happened without their knowledge or consent. Just to be on the safe side, the user opted for a new password.

Another user complained about the same issue, asking what to do so prevent Facebook from posting without permission. The question remains unanswered for now. Other users report on the same glitch.

You Were Not Hacked, Facebook Messed Up

Seeing Facebook photos made in your name without your permission might prompt suspicions of a hack, but that's not the case. At the heart of the matter here is just another Facebook glitch, taking users for a walk down memory lane whether they wanted to or not.

As with all Facebook glitches, the company will likely fix it soon and issue an apology, then return to its regular self as if nothing ever happened. Until the next glitch, that is.

Users concerned about their security can change their Facebook password, which is recommended to do once in a while anyway.

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