Apple finally put up the AirPods for sale recently, with an initial shipping date of Dec. 21 that is two months delayed from the expected October launch date of the wireless earphones.

According to reports, Apple was experiencing Bluetooth connectivity problems in the AirPods, which is a huge problem as the wireless earphones rely on Bluetooth technology to connect to Apple devices. A separate report claimed that the technical problem is not the one that caused the delay, but rather a manufacturing problem.

Nevertheless, the AirPods are now listed on the online Apple Store. However, just as the AirPods were listed, a massive surge of orders for the wireless earphones started coming in, pushing back the shipping date of the product. As of the time of writing, the estimated shipping date for orders of the AirPods is in four weeks.

Apple AirPods Appear On eBay

Customers who were among the early ones to order the AirPods are now trying to cash in on their luck, with listings of the wireless earphones now appearing on online auction websites such as eBay.

Some eBay sellers have listed the AirPods as low as just over $200, which is a modest increase compared with the original $159 price of the wireless earphones. However, most of the listings for the AirPods are in the $400 to $500 range, with one listing even posting the AirPods at an exorbitant price of $1,590.

Many sellers on eBay are offering to send out the AirPods for shipping as soon as they receive them to buyers who would bite at their prices. The offer is mostly seen from those who were able to secure shipping dates before Dec. 25, so that the AirPods can be received by the buyer before Christmas.

The high prices for the AirPods show that, despite the initial backlash against the wireless earphones, there remains massive demand for them. The markup on eBay prices mimic another product currently in demand this holiday season, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

Any Other Way To Purchase AirPods?

For Apple device users who are interested in purchasing the AirPods but are not willing to pay more than the original price, there is one other way to buy the wireless earphones.

According to Apple, physical Apple Stores will receive shipments of the AirPods once they are released, so customers looking to skip the online ordering line and who are not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars more for the wireless earphones can try visiting a nearby Apple Store on Dec. 21 to try their luck.

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