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Beats' First Truly Wireless Powerbeats Could Be The Perfect Apple AirPods Alternative

According to a new report, Beats is getting ready to unveil a truly wireless version of the Powerbeats. It's said to sport the same H1 chip as Apple's new AirPods and feature hands-free 'Hey Siri' support.

Wearable Tech March 22, 2019

First-Gen AirPods vs AirPods 2: What’s The Difference? And Should You Upgrade?

The AirPods 2 is finally here, complete with a brand-new chip and some slight changes. Will it be worth it to upgrade if you already own the first model?

Apple March 21, 2019

Apple's AirPods 2 Now Official: Wireless Charging Case, Longer Battery Life, 'Hey Siri' Support, And More

Apple's new AirPods 2 are now here. The second-generation earbuds from the Cupertino brand are coming with a wireless charging case and the new H1 chip that delivers improved battery life and 'Hey Siri' support.

Apple March 20, 2019

More Than 250 Scientists Warn EMF From Wireless Devices Such as Apple's Airpods Poses Cancer Risk

Scientists signed a petition calling for stronger guidelines on wireless devices They cited scientific studies linking these gadgets to health problems such as cancer. Why are wireless headphones particularly concerning?

Public Health March 13, 2019

Apple TV 4K And AirPods Sold At Cost, HomePod At Loss: Report

According to Daring Fireball's John Gruber, Apple sells its Apple TV 4K and AirPods at cost and the HomePod at a loss. He also says that the company's products aren't overpriced, just 'too good of a product.'

Apple February 1, 2019

Hands-Free ‘Hey Siri’ Voice Commands Reportedly Included In Second-Gen AirPods

The first beta of iOS 12.2 hints that AirPods 2 is coming soon. A refresh of Apple’s ultra-popular wireless headphones, which came out over two years ago, is long overdue.

Apple January 25, 2019

Battery Wearable Strap Air.Wear Promises To Fix AirPods Issues

A wearable battery strap for the AirPods called Air.Wear is up on Indiegogo. Aiming to 'replace the case,' it promises added portability and to fully charge the wireless earbuds up to four times.

Apple January 24, 2019

Apple Patent Hints At ‘Universal Design’ For AirPods With Biometrics And Better Fit

Apple has just been awarded a patent illustrating a new iteration of the AirPods. This pair can apparently determine where a bud is placed, and can also perform biometric health tracking thanks to sensors.

Apple December 5, 2018

AirPods With Wireless Charging Case Arriving In 2019, All-New Model Expected In 2020

Apple will debut a new AirPods model next year, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Then an all-new model is apparently due for release in 2020, but it’s unclear what features it’ll have.

Apple December 3, 2018

Rumor: AirPods Case Will Soon Be Able To Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly

Apple is developing new ways for the iPhone to get some juice. According to a new report, you might soon be able to wirelessly charge your iPhone with an AirPods charging case.

Apple June 27, 2018

3 New Apple Audio Gadgets, Including New AirPods, That Will Be Released By 2019

Apple is going to release an updated version of the AirPods in 2019 with new features. It will also release an updated HomePod and new over-the-ear headphones.

Apple June 25, 2018

Live Listen Feature Coming To Apple AirPods Via iOS 12: Here’s What It Does

AirPods will get Live Listen once iOS 12 rolls out. It turns the phone into a directional microphone, allowing users to hear a single source of sound even around noisy environments.

Apple June 6, 2018

Apple Reportedly Working On AirPods Upgrades: Water Resistance And Hands-Free Siri

Apple plans to upgrade its AirPods this year, adding a hands-free Siri option and likely a new wireless chip, according to a new report. In 2019, meanwhile, Apple's AirPods could be water-resistant.

Apple February 23, 2018

Apple AirPods Started Smoking And Exploded In Florida Gym

A man from Tampa, Florida reported that one of his Apple AirPods started billowing out white smoke while he was working out in a gym. The wireless earbud eventually exploded, though fortunately, he was not wearing it at the time.

Apple February 10, 2018

No, You Won’t Be Able To Buy AirPods This Holiday Season, So Here Are Some Alternatives

Thinking of buying the Apple AirPods as a holiday present? Well, you can’t. Because of supply shortages, orders won’t ship until early next year, so here are some alternative Bluetooth headsets to consider.

Apple December 18, 2017

Doppler Labs Shuts Down After Raising $50 Million, Launching Apple AirPods Competitor: What Happened?

Doppler Labs, after raising $50 million in venture funding and launching the innovative Here One wireless earbuds earlier this year, is shutting down. Here is what happened to the startup, and the legacy that it will leave behind.

Gadgets November 2, 2017

Fast Pair Will Quickly Connect Bluetooth Devices To Android Smartphones: Here's How It Works

The new Fast Pair feature will allow users to quickly connect Bluetooth devices to their Android smartphones. It currently has limitations, but the feature is very similar to how Apple's AirPods work when pairing with iPhones.

Google November 1, 2017

Sweeter And Sweeter: Apple $800 Billion Today, First Trillion-Dollar Company In 2018?

One analyst thinks Apple could be valued over $1 trillion by 2018. In particular, the radically redesigned iPhone 8 could be the one thing Apple needs to secure its trillion-dollar valuation.

Apple May 10, 2017

98 Percent Of 942 AirPods Owners Are Satisfied With The Wireless Earbuds, Survey Says

According to a recent survey conducted by Experian and Creative Strategies, those who bought Apple’s AirPods are pretty satisfied with it. Some even described it using the word 'magic.'

Apple May 2, 2017

Apple Releases iOS 10.3 With Find My AirPods Feature: How It Works

Apple has officially released the latest iOS 10.3 with a number of cool perks and features, including Find My AirPods to easily locate the wireless earphones. Here's how it works.

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Apple AirPods: Customers Still Have To Wait 6 Weeks If They Order A New One

Apple is struggling to meet consumer demands for its AirPods even after two months of its release. The company's website shows that customers who order the accessory would need to wait for six weeks for it to ship out.

Gadgets February 11, 2017

AirPods Gets Firmware 3.5.1 Update, Has It Fixed The Connectivity Issue?

Apple has pushed out the firmware 3.5.1 update for the AirPods. The update can be installed automatically in the AirPods with the help of an iPhone having access to Wi-Fi.

Apple February 3, 2017

Meet BlackPods: Apple AirPods In A New Avatar

A company named BlackPods is offering its customers custom-colored AirPods to go with their Black, Jet Black, or Space Grey iPhones. A new BlackPod comes at $249 whereas repainting a white AirPod will cost $99.

Gadgets January 29, 2017

Apple To Release Find My Airpods Feature In iOS 10.3: Here's How It Will Work

Apple will be releasing a Find My AirPods feature in the upcoming iOS 10.3 update. This is the reason why the company inexplicably took down the Finder for AirPods app from the App Store earlier this month.

Apple January 25, 2017

Apple AirPods Deal: $25 Discount Brings Sale Price Down To $135 At Best Buy [Video]

Best Buy is offering a limited time deal of $25 off a $100+ order through its online store. This can be applied to Apple's new AirPods, which aren't on sale anywhere.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 20, 2017

AirPods TV Ads Go Live: Apple Showcases How The Wireless Earbuds Are 'Practically Magic' With The iPhone 7

Apple has released the first video commercial for the AirPods. It featured the dancer Lil Buck trying to show why the wireless in-ear headphones are considered by Apple as practically magic.

Apple January 16, 2017

Finder For AirPods Gets Removed From The App Store: Why Did Apple Pull The App?

Apple reportedly told the startup behind the Finder for AirPods app that the company did not like the idea behind their product. The app helps users track a misplaced AirPod by tapping Bluetooth connectivity.

Apple January 10, 2017

Apple AirPods Charging Case Battery Issues: An AirPods Reset Does The Trick For Some, But Not All

Users have been complaining about battery drain issues affecting the Apple AirPods Charging Case, but a simple workaround might fix the problem. Based on user reports, resetting the AirPods apparently solves the issue for some, albeit not all.

Apple January 3, 2017

Afraid Of Your Apple AirPods Getting Stolen? Protect Them From Thieves With This Nifty Sticker

A new product has surfaced at Etsy that promises to keep AirPods from being stolen by thieves. It is very easy to use and quite cheap to boot.

Apple January 2, 2017

AirPods Production Going Into Overtime To Keep Up With Demand: How Successful Are The Wireless Earphones Of Apple?

The AirPods are a 'runaway success,' Apple CEO Tim Cook said, despite the criticism against the wireless earphones. It seems that Cook's claim is true, as the factories of Apple's manufacturing partner are working overtime to keep up with demand.

Apple January 2, 2017

Top 10 Tech News Of 2016: Galaxy Note 7, 'Pokémon GO,' Nintendo Switch, AirPods, Touch Bar, And More

As 2016 comes to a close, let’s take a brief glance at the controversy-addled year, filled with breaches, VR headsets, and exploding Note 7 devices. Here are the biggest tech news of 2016.

Gadgets December 31, 2016

Despite Criticism, Tim Cook Calls The AirPods A 'Runaway Success'

Tim Cook says the iPhone 7’s much talked-about AirPods have contributed to a 'great holiday season' for Apple. Criticism against the wireless earbuds did nothing to slow down the product in becoming a 'runaway success.'

Apple December 29, 2016

Some AirPods Users Having Battery Drain Problems With The Charging Case: What Is Apple Doing To Fix This?

Some AirPods users are experiencing battery drain problems with the charging case of the wireless earphones. Is there anything that affected customers can do to fix the problem?

Apple December 28, 2016

Spotify For Mac Gets Update, Brings Touch Bar Support For The New MacBook Pro And AirPods Auto-Pause Feature

Spotify has released a new update that comes with integrated Touch Bar controls for the new MacBook Pro models, alongside support for Apple’s wireless AirPods. The new improvements are a welcome addition to Apple’s fledgling Touch Bar.

Apps/Software December 26, 2016

Apple's iPhone AirPods Torn Down By iFixit: Impossible To Repair

Another iPhone product has been torn down by the folks at iFixit, and this time around, it's the AirPods. As one should come to expect, these devices are impossible to repair, and they are so bad to the point where they cannot be recycled.

Apple December 25, 2016

Here Are Some Tips On How To Not Lose AirPods, Apple's New Easily Misplaced Accessory

Ever since they were unveiled, Apple's AirPods look like accessories that can easily be misplaced. Here are some tips on how not to lose AirPods, which are soon shipping out to customers.

Apple December 24, 2016

Where To Buy Apple AirPods: Check Your Local Store Via Apple's In-Store Pickup Tool, Verizon, And Best Buy

Apple has now enabled an in-store pickup tool on its online store for people to easily purchase the AirPods from the nearest Apple retail store. Verizon and Best Buy are also alternative retailers to get the wireless Siri-enabled cans from.

Wearable Tech December 21, 2016

Don't Lose Or Break Your AirPods Bud: Apple Will Charge $69 For A Replacement

Apple has already announced the price tag of lost AirPods shortly after the wireless peripheral went on sale. The company allows for the replacement of only one piece, which could save money for those who lost or damaged just one unit.

Apple December 15, 2016

Apple AirPods Now on eBay For As High As $1,590 As Shipping Estimates Slip To January: Is There Another Way To Buy The Wireless Earphones?

Listings for Apple's AirPods on eBay have prices reaching as high as $1,590, compared with the original price of $159. Is there another way to purchase the wireless earphones this holiday season?

Apple December 15, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date: Wireless Earphones On Sale Now, But Shipping Is Already Slipping

Apple has finally released its AirPods after months of delays. The wireless headphones are on sale now at the Apple Store and will start shipping soon, but the high demand is already creating backlog.

Apple December 13, 2016

Can't Wait For Apple AirPods? Here Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones For Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s Siri-enabled AirPods have been reported to be embroiled in a number of manufacturing challenges. But there’s no need to wait for them to come out given these excellent, possibility even better, alternatives.

Wearable Tech December 11, 2016

Apple's AirPods Delay Reportedly Due To Manufacturing Problems: No Wireless Earbuds For Your iPhone This Holiday

According to new reports, Apple’s Siri-enabled wireless earphones, the AirPods, are being delayed due to problems with Bluetooth technology. However, a person close to sources familiar with the situation has said that this isn’t the case.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date Rumor: French Retailer Hints Wireless Earphones Will Ship Nov. 30

Apple has yet to announce the release date of the AirPods, but several retailers have let it slip on a possible date. From what they're saying, it would seem as if fans can get their hands on the device before the end of 2016, and not 2017 according to some.

Apple November 17, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date Might Not Be This Year After All: Barclays

Apple delayed the AirPods release date back in October and the wireless earphones have yet to hit the market. According to analysts, the AirPods will enter production in December at last, which means they might not be ready in time for a 2016 launch.

Apple November 12, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date: Wireless Earbuds On Track To Ship Before End Of 2016

The release of the wireless earbuds from Apple, the AirPods, may have been delayed beyond its initial late October deadline. But the accessory is on track to ship before the year's end.

Apple November 3, 2016

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