Users will soon deem switching to Periscope unnecessary for livestreaming purposes, with the recent introduction of a new in-app feature that will let Twitter users stream live video directly from the Twitter app. Make no mistake; it's still Periscope's handiwork, only now more streamlined.

Go Live On Twitter

Starting Wednesday, Dec. 14, any Twitter user can now start their own broadcast by tapping the "Live" button housed inside the compose screen on the Twitter app for iOS and Android. Instead of being whisked away to Periscope, a popular livestreaming app Twitter owns itself, the app will now perform the chore by itself.

The new feature is still tagged as "powered by Periscope," and it's deservedly called as such, because the experience is still similar to using Periscope. Users can write a quick caption before hitting live, upon which registered livestreamers can issue hearts and comments throughout the stream.

"Live video brings moments and events to life in a way that no other medium can. Exploring a new city? Find yourself in the middle of something amazing? Celebrating your team's big end of season win? Go live on Twitter and let others experience it with you," wrote Sara Haider, Twitter's senior manager for software engineering.

Live Broadcasts Increasingly Becoming Popular

Live video broadcasting has recently soared in popularity, with such a tool already a commonplace staple of Facebook, which offers live broadcasting through Facebook Live. Instagram also recently added the functionality, mimicking Snapchat's ephemeral nature of sharing, and it's only logical for Twitter to attach Periscope right into its ecosystem for a more integrated experience in general, similar to the way others offer it.

The new feature is "rolling out to everyone on Twitter for iOS and Android over the coming days," according to Twitter, so users should see a "Live" button soon.

What Happens To Periscope?

Even with the integration, Periscope won't jump off the radar any time soon, as per the team's blog post Wednesday.

"[O]ur apps and web player on remain the best place to search and discover Periscope content."

Absorbing Periscope is a way for Twitter to emphasize livestreaming as a fundamental part of its service. The company may have enjoyed broadcasting deals for major events, but user contribution is still its strongest facet in terms of livestreaming. There's no question as to the importance of Periscope to Twitter, but it sure is on a very awkward spot right now, given what happened to Vine.

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