Twitter's live-streaming service is expanding beyond smartphones with the new Periscope Streaming, which will allow users to stream from a wide array of devices.

This is a major step forward for Periscope, which has so far been confined to streaming amateur content from smartphones. With Periscope Producer, however, users will be able to stream video from drones, professional cameras, satellite trucks, studio editing rigs, desktop streaming software, VR headsets or some other gadget.

Periscope Producer aims to appeal to a wider pool of content creators and by expanding streaming options, it will also allow for higher-quality content. Periscope notes that while it's still fond of mobile streaming, it's also keen on giving broadcasters more opportunities to share new types of live video.

With Periscope Producer, the company is encouraging media organizations, brands and other live video creators to come up with new types of engaging video streaming, broadcasting high-quality streams from external sources other than a smartphone or a tablet.

"Professionally-produced live broadcasts on Periscope has always been part of our vision, and gives our community new types of content to watch together live," says the company. "You'll start to see more produced live broadcasts on Periscope and Twitter, and we're looking forward to watching new types of live broadcasts with you."

Regardless of the device used, the videos will appear on the user's account just like they did so far when shot on a smartphone. Just like with any Periscope broadcast, viewers will be able to comment on the video, "heart" it, and watch it live in the Twitter and Periscope apps or on web at

Periscope has been going strong and becoming a real force in the field, especially since Twitter acquired the company. Just earlier this month, rival Meerkat announced its demise, exiting the race following heated competition from Periscope. Meerkat was virtually the first real live streaming app to hit the market, but it started going down when Periscope hit the scene and Twitter's $100 million acquisition of Periscope basically signed Meerkat's death certificate.

With one notable rival out of the way, Periscope is marching onward with even more ambitious plans and the latest Periscope Producer proves it means business.

The feature has yet to become widely available, but interested users can apply for access to try out Periscope Producer. It will only work on iOS at launch, but Android support is en route. Periscope has yet to mention when it plans to roll out the Producer feature to everyone.

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