In the latest effort to get customers to switch over from rival carriers, T-Mobile is now offering a free one year DirecTV Now subscription for AT&T switchers.

More specifically, AT&T customers who switch to T-Mobile's "faster, more advanced LTE network" will able to enjoy zero rating on AT&T's DirecTV Now for 12 months.

For those unfamiliar with the service, DirecTV Now launched late last month as an attractive streaming option starting at $35 per month, targeted at cord-cutters who would like to ditch their cable subscription but still enjoy popular channels.

DirecTV Now is not exclusive to AT&T customers, it's available to all cord-cutters nationwide.

Free DirecTV On T-Mobile

"AT&T wants you to think DIRECTV is theirs exclusively, but that's a load of crap. Both DIRECTV NOW and the DIRECTV apps stream free on T-Mobile with a faster, more advanced network that covers nearly every American," says T-Mobile's outspoken president and CEO, John Legere.

The CEO further blasts that AT&T is too preoccupied with DirecTV and its new businesses to cater to its 100 million wireless customers, whom it keeps ignoring. T-Mobile jumps in to save the day and "show them how to actually take care of customers," adds Legere.

Terms And Conditions

T-Mobile's offer to make DirecTV Now available for free for one year (worth $420) applies to AT&T wireless customers who switch over to its network, signing up for T-Mobile Now and activating two lines.

AT&T switchers will get a $35 monthly bill credit from T-Mobile for 12 months, up to $420 in total, provided that their lines remain active. The $35 monthly bill credit covers the monthly fee for the basic DirecTV Now package.

T-Mobile further touts that even if AT&T switchers don't like DirecTV Now after all, they still get a better deal by switching since they'd be able to enjoy unlimited LTE data on a better network at a more attractive price.

T-Mobile Binge On With DirecTV Now

T-Mobile has also added DirecTV Now to its popular Binge On video streaming service for Simple Choice customers. This adds to the already impressive list of zero-rating Binge On options that include Netflix, Spotify, ESPN, Hulu, Tidal, Google Play Music and more.

According to the Uncarrier, Binge On allows eligible Simple Choice customers to watch up to three times more video from any streaming source. DirecTV Now could make the Binge On initiative even more appealing.

DirecTV Now supported devices include iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast on Android (iOS support to follow in 2017), LeEco TVs and Vizio SmartCast Displays with Google Cast, and a few web browsers (Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer). More supported devices should join the fray next year, including Amazon Fire tablets, top-brand Smart TVs, and Roku TVs and streaming players.

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