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T-Mobile's Sidekicks Is Making A Comeback (For April Fool's Day)

T-Mobile created another Sidekicks product in time for April Fool's Day. The company teased the world's first ever Smartshoephone that comes with remarkable features.

Wearable Tech March 31, 2018

T-Mobile Crushes Q4 Estimates With Better Than Expected Profit And Revenue

T-Mobile crushed its estimated profit and revenue for the fourth quarter, and celebrated by sweetening its One unlimited plan.

Business Tech February 14, 2017

Unlimited Data Plan Price War: T-Mobile One Upgrades Offering To Knockout Verizon Unlimited

John Legere has announced that T-Mobile One is upping the ante in response to Verizon's new unlimited data plan. Here are the details you should know.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 14, 2017

T-Mobile Is Now The Most Liked Carrier While Verizon, AT&T Have More Unhappy Customers

T-Mobile tops the Nielsen survey for subscribers' self-reported overall satisfaction. Observers attribute this to the uncarrier's ditching of contracts, price cuts, and free video streaming, among other innovations.

Business Tech February 7, 2017

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited Plan No Longer Has Extra Fees And Taxes, Offers $10 Credit For Low-Data Users

At CES 2017, T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed that the company is going all-in on its T-Mobile ONE plan. The Un-carrier Next presentation highlighted several changes coming to the carrier and the unlimited data plan.

Smartphones January 5, 2017

T-Mobile Offers Free DirecTV Now For A Year For AT&T Switchers

T-Mobile has launched another aggressive campaign, offering free DirecTV Now for one year for customers who switch from AT&T. Moreover, the Uncarrier also added DirecTV Now to its Binge On zero-rating initiative.

Internet December 16, 2016

John Legere Says Verizon Is In A 'Hilarious' Situation: What Made The T-Mobile CEO Say That?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, known for his colorful criticisms especially against rivals in the telecommunications industry, said that Verizon is in a "hilarious" situation. Can you guess why Legere said that?

Business Tech October 9, 2016

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Celebrates 3 Million Twitter Followers By Promising To Send Someone To Mars

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has reached 3 million followers on Twitter. In celebration, he has offered to give away a variety of prizes, including a trip to Mars on a SpaceX rocket.

Business Tech October 6, 2016

'Pokémon GO' Players Don’t Need To Worry About Using All Their Data - If They Have T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced that, starting next week, it will allow customers to play 'Pokémon GO' without the game using their monthly data for an entire year.

Apps/Software July 15, 2016

Stock And Free Food: Here’s All The Freebies T-Mobile Customers Now Have With Un-carrier 11

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced at the Un-carrier 11 event on Monday that customers will now get free stock in the company, as well as weekly freebies like pizza and movies.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 6, 2016

T-Mobile Mocks Rivals Again, This Time With AT&T Earnings Call Drinking Game - Cheers!

T-Mobile is at it again, and as usual, AT&T and Verizon are the ones feeling the pain of the company's latest attack. T-Mobile saw the opportunity in AT&T's earnings report and pounced on it like a lion, inviting people to a drinking game.

Internet January 26, 2016

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Apologizes To EFF, Writes Open Letter About Binge On

In an open letter, T-Mobile CEO John Legere apologized for offensive comments that he made last week against the Electronic Frontier Foundation. However, he continued to defend unlimited video streaming feature Binge On, saying that it follows the principles of net neutrality.

Business January 12, 2016

T-Mobile Announces 14 New 'Binge On' Partners Amid Controversial Throttling Talks: It's All About Consumer Choices

Binge On, T-Mobile’s free video streaming service, was plagued by accusations of throttling from early on. The mobile company explained why the service is appreciated, while also announcing 14 new video content partners.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 8, 2016

CEO John Legere Lashes Out At Critics Who Accuse T-Mobile Of Throttling

John Legere is not pleased with how critics have responded to his company's BingeOn service, which purportedly lets users stream videos from sites like Hulu and Netflix without using up their data plan — and threatens net neutrality.

Business January 7, 2016

T-Mobile Announces Holiday Promotion, Rewarding $200 Per Person For Making Switch From Sprint

T-Mobile CEO and president John Legere sticks it to his competition with some holiday spirit via the Un-carrier Unwrapped month-long promotion.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 25, 2015

MetroPCS Now Lets You Stream Unlimited Music Without Eating Up Your Data

T-Mobile’s flagship prepaid brand MetroPCS announced new additions to its prepaid plans, including a couple of new features adopted from T-Mobile.

Internet November 17, 2015

BlackBerry Is 'On A Comeback,' Says T-Mobile CEO John Legere

BlackBerry has been struggling to stay relevant in an increasingly-competitive smartphone market, but T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the Canadian smartphone maker was 'on a comeback.' The comments come after BlackBerry recently released its first Android smartphone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 17, 2015

T-Mobile Quietly Raises Price Of Unlimited Data To $45

T-Mobile has raised the price of its unlimited data plan to $45, making the cost of one line, including that data, a pretty hefty $95. The announcement was made rather quietly at the recent T-Mobile Un-Carrier event.

Money November 12, 2015

T-Mobile Taps Own Customers To Solve Network Woes With 4G LTE CellSpots: What You Need To Know

T-Mobile wants customers to have absolute control over where they need to have a better coverage. With its 4G LTE CellSpot, the Uncarrier believes that it will benefit both the home and small businesses alike.

Internet November 4, 2015

T-Mobile To Offer Unlimited High-Speed Netflix, HBO Streaming Without Eating Up Your Data: Rumor

After untethered streaming music from data plans, T-Mobile is about to do the same for streaming video. That's just a rumor, but the evidence is there and it certainly makes sense.

Internet October 30, 2015

T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier X Event For Nov. 10: What Does John Legere Have In Store?

As we're coming close to the end of the year, T-Mobile announces an Uncarrier X live event set on Nov. 10 at the Shrine Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Business October 28, 2015

CEO Says T-Mobile Is Growing Faster, Hints At Un-Carrier 10.0

T-Mobile's CEO John Legere has spilled the beans that "Uncarrier 10 is coming soon to a theater near you." He also shed light on the network operator's steady growth revealing that T-Mobile had surpassed the 2.1 million net customer additions it reported in Q2 2015.

September 21, 2015

T-Mobile Continues To Grow, Adds 2.1 Million New Customers In Q3 As Verizon Forecasts Flat Growth

T-Mobile has gained more customers in the third quarter, according to its CEO John Legere. At the same conference, Verizon said that it is expecting a roughly flat earnings growth next year.

Business September 21, 2015

T-Mobile Plans To Ban Abusers Of Its Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the company will start banning customers who abuse its unlimited data plan to tether Internet access from their smartphones to another device.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 2, 2015

T-Mobile's Petition To End Overages Gains 250,000 Signatures: Now You Decide What John Legere Will Do For His Next Big Stunt

CEO John Legere of T-Mobile wants other carriers to put an end to overages and asks consumers to join him in his next attempt to catch their attention by choosing the type of message they want to convey.

Business August 29, 2015

Get Some Popcorn: T-Mobile And Sprint CEOs Lash Out At Each Other In Another Twitter Row

Shots fired on Twitter again between the CEO's of Sprint and T-Mobile.

Internet Culture August 20, 2015

T-Mobile Will Start Selling Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+ Online Today And Will Ship Out Units ASAP

T-Mobile once again hopes to get ahead of the competition by offering 'the next big thing' earlier than all the other carriers.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 18, 2015

BlackBerry Classic Now Just $370 At T-Mobile

T-Mobile is cutting down the price of the BlackBerry Classic, giving customers a $70 discount on the device’s original price of $430 and undercutting BlackBerry’s online store’s price.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 1, 2015

T-Mobile CEO Hints Of Something 'Great' And 'Fantastic' Next Week

T-Mobile's CEO John Legere revealed during a live stream on Periscope that the network operator was 'coming out with something great next week.'

July 3, 2015

Sprint And T-Mobile Bosses In Heated Twitter Row: Claure Says He Is Tired Of Legere's BS

Sprint and T-Mobile CEOs recently turned to Twitter in a heated exchange of tweets, each of them attacking the other’s company policies and offered data plans.

Internet July 3, 2015

T-Mobile Teases 'Uncarrier-Amped' In New Video

T-Mobile has done down away with contracts, offers free music data and rolls over unused data for the next month. What could the Uncarrier possibly have in store next?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 24, 2015

T-Mobile To Offer TrioSIM Card And 7-Day Prepaid Unlimited Talk And Text: Report

Serial phone swappers are in for lots of love from the Un-carrier as T-Mobile reportedly starts selling TrioSIM cards to all customers.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 15, 2015

Glassdoor: Google's Larry Page Is Highest Rated CEO Of 2015

Other tech CEOs figure prominently in Glassdoor’s annual ranking of best CEOs based on employer ratings.

Business June 10, 2015

From BlackBerry CEO To T-Mobile CEO: A Batman Black Berry Classic Birthday Gift

CEO John Legere of T-Mobile received a Batman BlackBerry Classic as a birthday present from CEO John Chen of BlackBerry.

Business June 8, 2015

BlackBerry And T-Mobile Kiss And Makeup To Make BlackBerry Classic Cool Again

The feud between business enterprise smartphone player BlackBerry and the Un-carrier T-Mobile is over, and T-Mobile will be pushing out the BlackBerry classic to its customers next week. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is even willing to don a T-Mobile t-shirt.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 8, 2015

Here's Why T-Mobile Partnered With Google For Project Fi, According To John Legere

T-Mobile believes that it will have most of the traffic share under Project Fi, which will allow users to move between Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks depending on which one is the fastest.

Business April 24, 2015

Walmart Family Mobile Powered By T-Mobile Doubles 4G LTE Data Offering Without Price Increase

T-Mobile announces new perks for customers who sign up through its exclusive partnership with Walmart.

Geek April 18, 2015

'Direct 2 You' Will Deliver New Sprint Phones To Your Doorstep

Don't feel like standing around in a crowded retail store to get your latest smartphone? No need — Sprint will come to you.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 14, 2015

T-Mobile Promises Forever: What You Should Know About Un-contract And Carrier Freedom

The Un-carrier introduces a new kind of contract, one that locks in its commitment to the consumer instead of the other way around.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 19, 2015

T-Mobile Teases 'Real Piece Of Work' At March 18 Event: What Will It Reveal?

T-Mobile prepares another "un-carrier" move. This one will be "a real piece of work," T-Mobile says.

Business March 8, 2015

Super Bowl Super Brawl: T-Mobile and Sprint CEO Tackle Each Other on Twitter

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, and Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint, took to Twitter to fight over their Super Bowl commercials, dissing each other openly on social media.

Business February 2, 2015

T-Mobile Score! Gives Consumers Access to Best Smartphone Discounts for $5 a Month

T-Mobile has launched the SCORE! program, which allows customers to gain access to T-Mobile's best deals for $5 per month. Members of the program will unlock the deals after at least six months in the program.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 26, 2015

Smartphone Equality: T-Mobile is Looking for You...Especially If You Have a Poor Credit Score

Smartphone Equality is a new approach by T-Mobile that makes it possible for all customers to avail of deals that have only been previously available to those with great credit scores.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 23, 2015

T-Mobile Chief Intends to Spend 2015 Delivering on Predictions, Pulling No Punches

T-Mobile CEO John Legere continues to make big calls about T-Mobile's future and how that future is focused on knocking Sprint from its third-place rung on the telecom ladder. He clearly hasn't made a resolution to be kinder or gentler to competitors in the new year.

Business Tech January 9, 2015

T-Mobile CEO Bets Big on Apple Watch: Check Out John Legere's Predictions for 2015

John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, has revealed his predictions for next year for the company and the industry.

Business January 1, 2015

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