Google Wallet For The Web: Users Can Now 'Request Money' And Launch Peer-To-Peer Transactions


Google launched the new and improved Google Wallet web experience on Dec. 15, and it already seems to be one of the most user-friendly and convenient ways to keep track of financial transactions.

The web-based application from Google not only boasts a new look; it also has new features that allow users to send and receive payment requests and complete financial transactions online without the usual hassle.

Simply put, it is completely web-based but is not limited to Google Chrome or the Google Wallet application. It is not even choosy when it comes to the browser needed to run it or when making peer-to-peer transactions.

Request Money On Google Wallet

Google Wallet account holders will be thrilled to know that they can now send a request to those who owe them, and Google will automatically send a transaction request. Now, the need for awkward phone calls to friends to remind them about paying up their debt is gone. On top of this, the transaction is automatically logged, so both parties are sure if and when a debt has been settled or ignored.

Account holders who have set a default payment method don't have to do anything other than wait for the request to be fulfilled, and Google Wallet will transfer the money received directly to their bank account — no need to find ways to cash out!

The best part, for those who need their friends to pay up as soon as possible, is that it eliminates most of the excuses one usually receives. Google Wallet for the web works on all browsers and does not require any application to be downloaded in order to function, or the sender to have their own Google Wallet account in order to pay the person who sent the request.

Send Money Easily

All the non-account holders have to do is input the amount, recipient, and necessary details of their debit card for the payment then click "Send Money" and everything is set.

In case it is the other way around, the account holder can simply send their payment to their friend's email address or phone number, and the money will automatically be available for them to transfer to their own bank accounts.

The new Google Wallet web experience is definitely easy, fast, and reliable.

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