These 6 Gifts Under $30 Are Perfect For Geeks: Star Wars Jedi Robe Blanket, Lego-Like Coffee Mug, Totoro Plushie And More


Shopping a gift for someone can be hard, especially if you want to make sure that your holiday gift will be appreciated and actually used by the recipient. Things can be especially hard if you are shopping for a geek who has discriminating tastes, and you have a budget to take note of.

Tech Times makes the process of gift giving a little bit easier with this holiday gift guide. All of the gifts in this guide will surely delight the nerd in your life, and they're all under $30!

Lego-Like Coffee Mug

For the nerd who loves both LEGO and coffee, this will be the perfect gift. Made by Olia Design, this coffee mug is a great addition to your loved one's eclectic collection of LEGO sets. It functions just like any normal coffee mug, but with an additional functionality of being compatible with LEGO, Pixel Blocks, and Mega Bloks brick sets. That means your loved one can drink coffee and build something at the same time! This coffee mug will set you back for $18.99.


For the person who can't live without the internet, gift him or her a Bitcoin. As a digital currency, it can be used for buying digital commodities online. You can use a Bitcoin voucher service to buy $30 worth of Bitcoin.

Star Wars Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket

Do you have a friend who dragged you early in the cinemas just to be the first ones to watch Rogue One? This Jedi robe blanket, made from fleece, will make your loved one feel like a Jedi Master. Perfect for lounging around the couch while binge-watching Star Wars, or for competing in a lightsaber duel right in your living room, the Jedi robe blanket is currently on sale for $21.99.

Totoro Plushie

For the person who loves to watch Japanese animé, this $24.99 Totoro plushie will serve as a reminder of how Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli have managed to create the most beautifully compelling and visually appealing animated films that serve as a throwback to traditional animation.

Weeping Angel Robe

This robe is the perfect gift for the Whovian fans in your life. Selling for $24.99, the Weeping Angel robe is another reminder that the holidays are the perfect time to re-watch one of Dr. Who's best episodes ever.

Upside Down Christmas Sweater

This sweater will surely be a source of warmth for the Barb, Will, or Eleven fan in your life, and will only cost you $17.95.

With the help of our gift guide, finding the perfect gift for your geek friend does not need to be difficult or expensive.

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