Almost 30,000 Aria Child strollers have been recalled recently due to a series of complaints. Several customers experienced hazardous situations while using the strollers, both adults and children being injured in certain cases. Anyone who owns such a stroller should stop using it and contact the company in order to receive a safer model for free.

Risks For Both Toddlers And Parents

Taking care of a toddler is no easy feat. Due to their curios nature and seemingly limitless level or energy, they can sometimes get into trouble.

However, several parents had more than usual falls and bumps to worry about. Numerous complaints related to five Aria Child lightweight stroller models have made the company recall 29,400 strollers from the market, including those that had already been bought.

The strollers seem to have two main problems. First of all, the stroller hinge mechanism tends to cut the caregiver's hand. The problem is not all negligible, as some of the people that filed complaints actually required stitches. The bigger problem however is related to the fact that the strollers tend to fold unexpectedly while being used.

It is clear that such events can be quite hazardous for both the caregiver and the toddler. No less than 71 complaints were received in relation to such sudden folds. Some resulted in the fall of several young children, some of whom got minor bruises and bumps.

The situation was more severe in the case of adults, as one of them suffered from a fractured wrist and elbow as a result of a fall.

The particular strollers involved in the complaint, called Qbit, were designed for young children (under 50 pounds), being easy to fold and having several storage spaces. Most of them are black or dark with an accent color, as well as the names Qbit and gb written in white and red, respectively.

The strollers started to be sold in May 2015, being on the market until November 2016. The price of such a stroller is around $180, being sold by retailers like, or Babies R Us before the recall.

What To Do If You Own A Qbit Stroller

The recalled lightweight strollers have one of the five following model numbers: 10AW1G-AQU2U (aqua), 10AW1G-RAS2U (raspberry) , 10AW1G-WHT2U (white), 10AW1G-CHA4U (charcoal) or 10AW1G-CIR5U (citrus lemon). Anyone who owns such a stroller is asked to stop using it immediately and contact Aria Child in order to receive a replacement for free. The company can be contacted for returning the strollers at this toll-free number 800-638-2772 (TTY 301-595-7054), according to their website.

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