Sprint is apparently running a new promotion, offering up to $325 for activating Google Pixel smartphones on its network.

While the carrier has not made any formal announcement in this regard, users report hearing about the discount from Sprint staff or receiving emails from the carrier informing them of this promotion.

Users took to Reddit to discuss the matter and have even posted images of the email in question, complete with the fine print and everything.

Sprint Google Pixel Promo: Here's The Deal

Sprint touted that activating a Google Pixel smartphone allows users to get $325 in discounts spread over the next 24 months, meaning a $13.55 service credit per month. However, this offer seems to apply only for the Google Pixel XL.

Activating the regular Google Pixel on Sprint's network, meanwhile, will bring in a $240 bonus similarly spread over 24 months, meaning a $10 credit per month. Even if the discount is smaller than for the Pixel XL, it's still a pretty great deal. It remains unclear, however, whether the offer stands for all storage options.

How To Take Advantage Of The Sprint Google Pixel Offer

Sprint doesn't sell the Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL directly; Verizon is the only carrier offering the smartphones. With limited carrier availability, some make the most of their position while others try to compensate with other offers. Verizon is running its own Google Pixel promo, while T-Mobile wants to have the Pixels in its stores, where reps can help customers purchase the smartphones from the Google Store or Best Buy.

Sprint, meanwhile, is offering discounts on activation. To take advantage of Sprint's deal, customers need to purchase an unlocked Google Pixel or Pixel XL from the Google Store or retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, then head over to a Sprint store or online and get a Sprint SIM card. Upon activation, the service credit will go into effect.

The deal is apparently a limited-time promotion that kicked off on Dec. 14 and runs through Dec. 31, available for select accounts.

Considering that Sprint has not made any official announcement yet, however, it's best to take a more cautious approach. Before purchasing a brand-new Google Pixel or Pixel XL and getting a Sprint SIM card, first of all contact Sprint and make sure you're eligible for this promotion. Sprint support or store representatives should be able to help you with the deal and offer more details regarding the promotion.

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