Several users have been growing furious at yet another Google Pixel problem that has recently come to light via reports from Reddit and the Google Product Forums. The issue lies with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL's speakers, which apparently output crackling noises when using certain apps.

The audio problem, which has been demonstrated to persist even with headphones on, apparently doesn't affect all Google Pixel phones. However, the issue is steadily gaining traction and affecting enough handsets to be a widespread concern.

Google Pixel Audio Fix

Reddit user Mark Buckman, the same person who demonstrated the problem in a video, has now uploaded a new discovery: a fix. Buckman has found out that the annoying audio issue can be patched up, though his methods are unofficial.

Google has already acknowledged the problem and is currently looking into it, but those itching to patch up the handsets' audio problem can go ahead and perform the same measures taken by Buckman.

To fix the Google Pixel's audio problem, Buckman unloaded the Bootloader, installed the TWRP recovery image, and flashed WETA audio. The workaround is a little complex for the average smartphone user, and it's probably best to wait until Google officially releases a fix, but the option is available if Pixel and Pixel XL owners want to do it themselves.

When Will Google Release An Update?

Beyond its acknowledgement in the Google Product Forums thread, Google hasn't updated affected Pixel or Pixel XL owners with a potential fix, nor has it offered any explanation as to why the Pixel handsets are glitching.

This is not the only gripe users have had to deal with in the past, as Google Pixel handsets were recently reported to also have issues with the camera.

For users who encounter audio problems on their Pixel phones, Google will probably offer a replacement unit to iron it out. However, this apparently won't solve the issue - Buckman has been sent his fifth replacement Google Pixel with the issue still intact.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are Google's self-branded pair, dropping the Nexus moniker after the Nexus 5X and 6P. It was released late October to general acclaim, with some publications heralding it as the best Android smartphone. However, its recent issues certainly dent that reputation, and Google needs to act fast if it wants to diffuse budding disappointment for its flagship pair.

Is your Google Pixel or Pixel XL experiencing the same audio glitches as demonstrated by Buckman's video? Have you contacted Google about it? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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