Google rolls out Google Fit for Android. Hello, Apple HealthKit


Google has released Google Fit, a fitness-centered app that seeks to help users in effortlessly tracking physical activity.

Google is hoping that Google Fit will push users to become more aware, active and motivated in improving their personal fitness regimens.

The Google Fit app uses sensors that are built into Android smartphones to be able to automatically detect if the user is walking, running or biking. Users can also set specific fitness goals in Google Fit, progress of which can be monitored by the app and brought forward by the user's activities within each day.

Google Fit, according to Google, is a tool that will allow users to discover how active each user is, while tracking the progress made by users on the specified fitness goals.

Google Fit users can check into their accounts from any Android-based device, including any smartphone, tablet, Android Wear-based wearable device, and over the Internet.

Users are also given the ability to connect fitness devices and apps to Google Fit. Such devices and apps include Withings, Strava, Noom Coach and Runkeeper. Once connected to Google Fit, all of the data relevant to the user will be collected into one location to provide the user with a comprehensive look on the state of his or her fitness.

"No need to check one app to see your weight and another to review a run - with Google Fit, that data will all be surfaced in one, simple place," wrote Sabrina Ellis, Android's product management director on the official Android blog.

Google Fit is now available on the Google Play Store. The app is compatible with devices that have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above installed.

Google Fit is Google's answer to HealthKit, which is Apple's version of a fitness app that the company launched with the iOS 8.0.2 update.

HealthKit was supposed to be released alongside the launch of the iOS 8 operating system. However, due to undisclosed reasons, the launch of HealthKit was delayed until the second update of the iOS 8.

However, while Google Fit and HealthKit have the same purpose, the apps use different methods to carrying out their functions.

HealthKit compiles fitness data collected by Apple's Health app, while Google Fit can acquire data from third-party fitness and health apps. HealthKit will only be compatible with the upcoming Apple Watch for wearable devices, while Google Fit will be compatible with any wearable running on Android Wear. HealthKit prevents information obtained by the app to be stored in the iCloud storage service, while Google Fit will not store the data online unless allowed by the user.

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